Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 51 - May 30 (Opposition in ALL good things, all of them).

I learned the importance of banana bread and perseverance this week. Our investigator Lizette told us that she was going to get baptized on Saturday and on Monday. Good right. Then we lost all contact with her for the whole week. Terrible right. We went to her house one morning and her mom told us to never come back because she doesn’t want her daughter to get baptized and she doesn’t want anything to do with the Mormons. We prayed about it and it came to my head to make banana bread and it came to my companions head to write our testimonies. So we did it. And the next day the same thing happened with her mom but she smelled the bread and saw the note and you could see her heart soften a tiny bit. She told us to come back on Monday night to talk to her and her husband. We left but still we couldn’t get a hold of Lizette. We think that they blocked our number. We had been praying soo hard for Lizette and then one night our zone leaders called us about Lizette and then they told us to call her. We called her and she answered!!!!!!!! We freaked out everyone on the little bus that we were on. We were so stoked!!! And Lizette was so happy to talk to us. She told us to come over the next day. The next day was Saturday. We went over and my comp is a champ. She challenged her to be baptized that day but Lizette started telling us all of these excuses. After listening to them all we asked her if her dad gave her permission, would she be baptized that night? She said yes. She then came to church the next day, brought her little sister and her neighbor who is less active. Lizette is another champ. We have a visit with her parents this night and our ward mission leader. Pray for Lizette.

We also went to get one of our investigators for a family home evening and we walked in and she was sitting there and told us that she couldn’t go. She started crying and told us that it was the month anniversary of her dad passing away. We just listed and listened and in the end she goes `thanks Hermana’s. All I needed was someone to listen. You guys are always here in the right time or call me in the right moment. I am so grateful for you two and I know that I did not make a mistake opening up my door that night that you two knocked It.was super sweet.

We had lots of actually tons of opposition this week but in the end it was such a good solid week. I know that we tried our best to but our confidence in God and everything worked out because this is God´s work anyways. 
I love you fambam. And friends. I’m thankful for your prayers and everything that you guys do for me. 


Hermana Kleinman

The first time that I ate some turf in the mission. 

And this is the sassiest little girl Laura. She drew on our face in a family home evening. ha-ha we LOVE her. The Chilean baby's and little people here are a dream. Everyone is a pamper baby and it’s so tempting to hold them.

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