Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 22 (November 1)

Okay. This week! woohooo!!

We did SO much service this week. Literally every day in the morning but it was so worth it. And we are seeing the blessings. We painted this room that this guy is renting from a Hermana in our ward and he is not a member. We started talking casually about what we do and religion while we were painting with him and the Hermana and he is super interested and so we basically taught him the restoration while we were painting. Yes!!!


And we did something awesome. This guy in our ward called us and told us to keep these two mornings free because we are going to do service in the school for an English teacher. So we went and for their tests they had to do interviews with us haha. It was soooo cool and so fun to see all these kids speaking English. But the third day was the best. It was like a trade for a trade! We helped them with their English and then we got to share something with 40 students from the ages 17 and 18. (Future missionaries) Everyone was paying super good attention and we explained what we do as missionaries and why we are here. Then we shared a video and talked a little bit about what we share. Then we passed out chards and asked everyone if they wanted to hear more and we received like 26 back. YAAAA! it was so awesome. We have only gone to one of the kid’s house but he is awesome and his family is awesome too. But wait this is the best part. We talked to the teacher the next day and she thanked us and she told us thanks for everything but especially thanks for us because she said we touched the hearts of all of the students with our message about God. We have an appointment with her this week and her future husband. It was seriously the coolest thing to share with all of those kids. 

This Sunday we saw the blessing in church. We walked in and the parents of Nico were just sitting there with their family. MIRACLE. Because the dad even skipped work that morning to come. Seriously a miracle, and 5 of our other investigators came. Yes. Good good week. The work is picking up here. Pray for Macarena. She has tons and tons of opposition with her family because they are super catholic but she knows this church is true. 

AHhhh I love it here in Angol and I love my comp. the 40 day fast is going good! The fast from English is helping a ton. And little things I am doing and I can feel a huge difference. Dad to answer your questions:

We have a cellular haha its really basic but at least we have one right?
We talk to our district leader every night yes. he’s really cool he’s from some city in Utah.
We are in a ward and not a branch
Our building is pretty big! it’s bigger than the building in Mexico but smaller than an average. I need to send a picture of the other building here. HUGE. Biggest I have ever seen. But yes we baptize in our building too!

Congrats and shout out to Jenae Walker!! Yay!! Congrats on the wedding! 

The English kids and our Halloween hahaha they don’t celebrate it here and we forgot it was Halloween

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