Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 8 (July 27)

This week was AWESOME!! 

Sorry I was super hyped last week and explained everything terribly. So the area I am in is called Angol. You can look it up it is about 4 hours away from Concepcion. We are in the sector called Alemania 3 and it is great. It is huge! It takes at least an hour to walk side to side. No bikes or anything. We walk walk and walk and sometimes take a collectivo. It does remind me a little of Mexico but not completely the same. The Chileans definitely have their own way of speaking and eating and living. We actually live outside of our sector with 4 other Hermana’s because it is a little dangerous inside of our sector. My companion is from Herriman Utah and her name is Hermana Rich...she doesn´t have a blog so you can´t stalk her parents...she apologizes because she tried but her mom just doesn’t know how and either does she. So there´s that. Good luck stalking. It is fun being with her! She is gluten intolerant and so with my lactose makes for some interesting lunches with the members hahaha. She has blonde hair as well so it is a curse and a blessing of being together in a country full of black and brown hair. Lots of people are curious to talk to us but some are just creepy! oh yeah and she has been here for almost 9 months! Almost her hump dayyyy!  

Some super weird and random things happened this week! oh ya ps i forgot to tell you guys that my first day here I cracked my tooth in half....whoops. okay not my tooth just my cap (again) so its not too much of a worry I just have to wait to get my debt card until I get it fixed!

The people here are so nice and it seems like every time we enter into someone’s house, they give me something. For example, one lady gave us lunch, the fatty meat of a spine of some kind of animal and then I told her it was my first time to have sopapillas! (big mistake) she then went on and gave us a grand total of 7 each. My companion was stuffing them everywhere in her clothes hahaha because remember she can´t eat gluten. Then the lady piled more food on our plates and then gave us shoes! 

This week we were as sick as dogs but still worked hard and found sooo many miracles. We had nicolas´s baptism!! It was amazing and the spirit was unreal. He is a rock solid kid. I will send some pics. We also are teaching this woman named Carmen who is so cute. She came to church even though she had been throwing up the night before. How cool? Literally everything we prayed for this week happened. We were able to work hard enough to get the week of excellence which is one baptism, 3 investigators to church and at least 140 contacts.

We had intercambios one day and I got to work with a hermana that we live with. We had a HUGE miracle. We met this guy named victor and he was crying when we taught him and we challenged him to baptism and he accepted. Huge testimony builder.

Mom and Dad for your questions, our ward is big for Chile, about 100 people in total.

We have a washing machine but someone in our ward is going to start washing our clothes.
We dont get ipads haha
My companion likes to work out yes! And no of course we don’t sleep in c´mon parents

Love you all so much! Read your scriptures and you will be happy :)
Hermana Kleinman

PS the pictures are of Nicolas´s baptism.

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