Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 65 - (September 5)


This week was wonderful. Really. We had a zone conference with President and the Assistants and I learned so much. Our mission has changed so much since I got here last year. Three different mission presidents and three completely different ways to capacitate but Presidente May is awesome. In our last interview I had asked him a few questions about 2 Nephi and Isiah because its super hard for me to get lots out of those books. He told me he would plan a capacitation for our mission and teach about the way to read the Greek poems so that we could understand it better and he taught us how this week. My mind is blown and I am so excited to study 2 Nephi and to be able to understand it better yes. 

This week we found lots of new people to teach and saw SO many miracles. First off MARIO WAS BAPTIZED wahoooo!! it was such a sweet baptism. He was so nervous that he was going to slip too but no worries he didnt. he was baptized with the help of 2 members and with a chair. He sat down in the chair and after they dunked him he said  mmmmmmmmmmm mm mmm que rico  hahahhaha. he then changed and came and bore his first testimony in front of the members, he said ¨wow lots of people but good afternoon hi I’m Mario huentenou from javiera carrera with los paltos and I am thankful to be here to be baptized. I never thought about being baptized again but the Hermana’s taught me and now I am here happy and I want to be strong and keep the commandments forever until I die. thanks in the name of Jesus Christ amen it was soooooooo cute. the members were so happy to see him take this step. they are planning a huge service project to help him build a cement ramp. and Mario wants that all his neighbors can be baptized. he took the sacrament yesterday for the first time and said now officially I am Mario Mormon and this means something to me. SO cool to see the change in him from the beginning. Mario Mormon!!!!!!

On Sunday our investigators who had committed to come to church all bailed and we decided if nobody came during the sacrament we would go out and invite everyone outside to come in. right after the reunion we walked out and a mom with her daughter and the boyfriend of her daughter said are you the missionaries that work in this area?  We said yes and she said here is the boyfriend of my daughter he has come to our ward tons of times and he wants to hear the lessons. it was a such a tender mercy. He is awesome. of gold. Then we continued to receive references from various members. Miracles here in our ward. we visited a member in the night and he goes hey my neighbor wants to hear about our church one sec. he went and asked him to come over. we had a lesson and his neighbor asked us I want to know how do you know if the book of Mormon is an inspired book from God? if it is I will be baptized miracles. 

I am out of time but i love you all. I was studying 1 Nephi 16 this week and Nephi is such a huge example of faith in this chapter because when he remade his bow he only brought one arrow.  I want to challenge you all to read it and think of how personally in your lives you can help your faith grow. 


Hermana Kleinman

baptism of Mario!
 mm mario mormon

 carolina y fam we had a noche de hogar and made brownies

bowling with our zone
hills our sector.

intercambio yay

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