Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 63 - (August 22)

The sun came out yesterday and I am so so so so so so so so so so so happy seriously though. But this week has flown by. The weeks are flying by I can’t believe it. 

we have been running every morning with my comp and its helping me have energy to get though the day haha. So many things to do. Busy Busy. 

We had two mini exchanges this week. I stayed in my area for one of them and I left for one. They both were with two of my trainees in the mission. The first one I got to be with Hermana Bowling in her sector (PS she is training and is living with us!!! so much fun) and she has progressed SO much it was so cool to see the progression. We taught lots of people and two Vikings haha it was super interesting and probably one of the weirdest lessons of my mission.

We had another mini exchange and I was with Hermana McGregor in our sector. She also is training right now and we saw tons of miracles together. I love her.

We took Mario (our investigator with one leg) to a baptism this weekend and he loved it. He didn’t want to take the step to be baptized because he thought they were going to drown him haha sad. But he accepted firmly to be baptized the3rd of September!!! wahooo!! Every time he sees us he goes wooohooo it’s so cute and he told us last night that he is excited to be Mario Mormon

Remember our convert Guinette like 3 months ago? she gave her first talk on Sunday!!!! it was soooooo powerful and she did such an awesome job. Ah the ward was amazed haha I was amazed. she talked about faith and how she used to believe in her own way and she didn’t even know what faith was before we started teaching her. she finished by saying I know and I have the faith that one day my husband will accept the gospel so that we can be an eternal family. then! then gave us the best lunch ever. hands down they go on my top 5 favorite families in Chile.

I know this church is true. love you guys and thanks for your prayers read the talk ¨why 1820¨?


Hermana Kleinman

my comp Hermana Ricagno and a member who always accompanies us juju!

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