Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 17 (September 28)

Fambam!!  and friends!

Send more pictures of lola and her puppies! and i am so so good!! So exciting about kim and cheyenne they will be the best missionaries. And sad about asu and byu. boo. Should I start praying for them too? haha no i am kidding but that is so fun taylor and sydney got to come for the weekend. Apparently people actually felt the earthquake here but we were walking on the street just being missionaries helping some woman dump out her olive juice out of this barrel so we were pretty occupied. with olive juice. but i think everyone is okay!

So update on Viviana and MariaIgnacia. Really sad and really happy news. So basically they are still awesome but her boss fired her so they have to move to conce to find a new job and house. (they couldn´t find any here) BUT awesome news because Vviana thinks that the only reason that they came to Angol was to find us and this church. Also awesome news because they will be a HUGE miracle for the missionaries in conce. That’s just how missionary works right? wahoooo.

Update on Maria Paz. SHE IS AWESOME. She was walking with us to a members house for a Noche De Hogar which she LOVOVEED. (We made up some object lesson with the game Jenga) and she asked us if she could ever accompany us haha. And she has gone to seminary every night this week. We had another lesson with her and taught her about the restoration and she was like oh yeah that totally makes sense then accepted a fecha wahooo. She came to church yesterday and LOVED it. Her mom just has a huge huge smoking problem so we gotta pray hard for her to get over that too because she wants to change.

We had an intercambio with the caps this week and I had to lead our sector and such. It was pretty cool and I didn´t have to whip out the map so that was a blessing because if you know me, you know how bad I am at directions in America and when you throw the streets here in Chile into the picture...everything changes.
I can´t think of much else that happened. Sorry. Love you all the whole world full!!!

Hermana Kleinman

Fact of the week: everything comes in bags here, the shampoo, the mayonnaise, the ketchup, EVERYTHING

Picture is with this Hermana who wants to come to the states and cook for you guys! She always gifts us stuff haha MOM SHE GIFTED US A MINI WOK!!

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