Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 33 (January 18) God exists. Seriously

First I just want to tell you all how cool Gorbea is in Chile. Really. The other night I couldn’t sleep and I was looking out our window and then I got so scared because I saw a bunch of green little lights. I then woke up my comp because I thought we were going to get attacked or something. She was like really..... those are fireflies!!!  But really we have fireflies in our backyard how cool is that? 

There are also fruits here that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. There are these things that look like grapes but are mini plums. My new favorite things ever. 

Every day we walk around I am SO happy because there are flowers and fruit everywhere. I am living the dream to be honest.

Listen to this sweet experience that we had today and tell me that God doesn´t exist. We found this family recently and we were planning inspired questions to ask them for a lesson. My companion started crying and was like I know exactly what she is going to say (the mom) in the lesson. I know this because they are our friends that we needed to find together!! Then she told me a story about how she was praying if she should go on a mission or not. She had a dream and I guess in her dream she was planning for a lesson with a companion with blonde hair and I guess what I said while we were planning was exactly what the companion in her dream said. The dream goes on to the lesson and she dreamt what the mom was going to say. The day after her dream she knew that she had to go on a mission to be companions with the comp in her dream and to find this family. And she has been waiting her whole mission to find this family.

We went to the lesson and to be honest I was thinking what the. My comp is a little crazy. We had the lesson and the mom said EXACTLY what my companion told me what she was going to say. I started crying in the lesson. The spirit was so strong and I can’t really even begin to describe this experience. The mom then went on to tell us that she feels like she has known us both for a long long time. Ah I have chills just thinking about this experience.

It turns out that when my comp had this dream that’s when I started feeling like I needed to serve a mission. 
I love the mission. I love knowing that God loves all of his children and his timing for everything is PERFECT and everything really does happen for a reason. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else but here in Chile.

Love you all. I pray for you all every day!!

Also shout out to Bishop Rowley!!!! That is so exciting!! Sad about his dog but he and sister Rowley are going to be such awesome mish presidents

Sorry I am writing again and I know I talk about Irene who is reading the BOM too much but she just called us to make sure that we have read the Book of Mormon today and shared a scripture that she learned from her studies today. 

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  1. This is a miracle! What a faith building experience and story!