Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 64 - (August 29)

(those that know my singing abilities will understand this miracle). We had a mini exchange with two sisters of Chile this week and it was so much fun. I was with Hermana Bazaes and she is super super awesome. We entered into this house with a woman and her sister has terminal cancer. super sad. Hna Bazaes was like hna Kleinman I can’t sing can you? and i was like no but we can try? we thought of a hymn super quick and we both had said a little prayer in our heart that somehow it would come out okay.... we started singing and seriously it came out good and in harmony. i don’t even know how. the women started crying and said thank you that was so beautiful!! hahaha it was such a miracle. it reminded me of that story of our great great grandmother who was a pioneer and sang to the Indians and she somehow sang in their lounges. 

This week was interesting, we got rejected a lot a lot but it helped us look for the little miracles and smiles in every day. Carolina and her two kids came to church and her little boy LOVED primary :) Mario is so pumped to be Mario Mormon its awesome. He is just super worried to be baptized with his one leg that it is going to float or something and that he will slip and drown. pray for him.

Temuco is so pretty right now and the perfect weather I am SO happy. I love you all. I am so happy i have the pleasure to serve my Heavenly Father and represent my Savior Jesus Christ. You guys also have the opportunidad to serve even though you don’t have black plaques. You have your plaque written on your heart.


Hermana Kleinman

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 63 - (August 22)

The sun came out yesterday and I am so so so so so so so so so so so happy seriously though. But this week has flown by. The weeks are flying by I can’t believe it. 

we have been running every morning with my comp and its helping me have energy to get though the day haha. So many things to do. Busy Busy. 

We had two mini exchanges this week. I stayed in my area for one of them and I left for one. They both were with two of my trainees in the mission. The first one I got to be with Hermana Bowling in her sector (PS she is training and is living with us!!! so much fun) and she has progressed SO much it was so cool to see the progression. We taught lots of people and two Vikings haha it was super interesting and probably one of the weirdest lessons of my mission.

We had another mini exchange and I was with Hermana McGregor in our sector. She also is training right now and we saw tons of miracles together. I love her.

We took Mario (our investigator with one leg) to a baptism this weekend and he loved it. He didn’t want to take the step to be baptized because he thought they were going to drown him haha sad. But he accepted firmly to be baptized the3rd of September!!! wahooo!! Every time he sees us he goes wooohooo it’s so cute and he told us last night that he is excited to be Mario Mormon

Remember our convert Guinette like 3 months ago? she gave her first talk on Sunday!!!! it was soooooo powerful and she did such an awesome job. Ah the ward was amazed haha I was amazed. she talked about faith and how she used to believe in her own way and she didn’t even know what faith was before we started teaching her. she finished by saying I know and I have the faith that one day my husband will accept the gospel so that we can be an eternal family. then! then gave us the best lunch ever. hands down they go on my top 5 favorite families in Chile.

I know this church is true. love you guys and thanks for your prayers read the talk ¨why 1820¨?


Hermana Kleinman

my comp Hermana Ricagno and a member who always accompanies us juju!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 62 - (August 15)

I´m going to apologize right now first because this is going to be long and second for my English.

First we missed two days of work because we got to go to our mission counsel. It was awesome. There are a bunch of new district leaders and so they were invited too. There was about a fourth of our mission there. the zone leaders, sister training leaders, district leaders and the missionaries in the office and president may. President talked to us about 7 things that we can do to have the spirit. He told a bunch of stories from his mission and it was awesome. They are seriously great people. The assistants talked and then my companion and I got to talk. We talked about how to be a Sister training leader and our responsibilities. We then traveled 7 hours back to our sector. We had to do a few intercambios with the Hermanas that we are over this week so we didn’t have much time to work in our sector. The 12 sisters that we are over live in two other houses. One house is about an hour from our house and the other is about 30 minutes. We get to work with all of the sisters in the south! It’s been cold and it just started the rain streak. I don’t think we will see the sun for like 10 more days. Actually hey dad Hermana Nelson and I had an intercambio this week! the one that you found her blog hahaa she’s super awesome.

We had SUCH a cool miracle on Sunday. So Saturday night we were planning our day Sunday. a lot of our visits fell through so we were searching through the former investigators in our area book and planning to visit a few. we made a paper of their directions and put it away. Sunday morning, we called to confirm with the people who had committed to come to church and they alllllll fell through. so we got ready super-fast to go to the chapel to look for people we got contact and bring them in for sacrament. we were praying to leave and we felt like going back into our room. we saw the paper of the old investigators and put it in our bags. we couldn’t find anyone interested outside of our chapel and so we entered to take the sacrament. we were sitting there and we were super sad. right after sacrament ended we looked at each other and we had both thought of a name (Carolina Rios a name on the little paper) we felt impressed to go and knock her house. we left after the sacrament and found her house. we knocked and knocked and finally a head popped out. we obviously had woken her up and she was super confused. We said Carolina? We are the missionaries and she goes yeah I know! one sec! she then opened the door and told us to go in. she asked us how we knew her name and we explained the paper and how 10 minutes ago we felt super strongly to leave church and knock her house. she almost started crying and started telling us how 3 days ago she couldn’t stop thinking about the missionaries who had passed by her house a year ago. She told us that her friend this week invited her to her church and Carolina said no her friend then told her to look for the path and church that god wants her to take. She said the first thing that came to her mind was the Mormons. We explained the spirit and invited her to church (there was a meeting of a different ward 2 hours later) but she wasn’t too sure she said that she will think about it. We left and said a prayer to first give thanks and then to pray that she could feel the need to be there. We went back to church and listened to the end of gospel principles. We walked out and Carolina was standing there!!!!!!!!!! We ran to her and she stayed for sacrament of the other ward. At the end we asked her how she felt and she told us it was an answer. We challenged her to be baptized and she accepted. She is a single mom of 5 children. I love her already. we made a goal with my comp to never let a Sunday pass without someone in the church. I know that when we do our part Heavenly Father does his part. He loves us. I love him and you guys.

Hermana Kleinman

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 61 - (August 8)

This week has been filled with tons of things. The life in the mission just got like 20000 times busier but I love it!!! My companion Hermana Ricagno is awesome. She has the same time as me in the mission and it is SO great to work with someone with experience in the mish. it has been a while. not that my other comps were bad or anything but it is just different. wahoooo!!!

This week we have been working a lot with a man named Mario. He doesn’t have one leg but he loves church and he reminds me alotttt of grandpa pop.

The mom of Jonathan (Mirium) accepted a baptism date last night super firmly too. yay!!

I’ll send you pictures next week.

We have to travel to Concepcion right now for consejo. We have to give a capacitation in front of all of the leaders of the mission!

I love you all so much and sorry I don’t have time today. xoxox


Hermana Kleinman

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 60 (August 1)

WOW. I have lots to tell you guys. 

First off, I want to tell you how special the baptism service of Jonathan and Leonardo was. One of my favorites that’s for sure. There were tons of opposition this week. The morning of their interview for their baptism. Jonathan called us and told us that he was up all night looking on the internet and he was doubting everything. I was thinking that Reed needs to take down the ant Mormon websites hahaha. but we went and talked with him and that night they had their interviews and passed. When Leonardo was going to sign his baptism record the elders said that he was so excited and said I am going to be Mormon!!!!  the day of their baptism was crazy. we had to wake up at like 5 to go and look for the baptism clothes at the house of our mission leader. He accidentally fell asleep and we were outside of his house for 2 hours knocking in the cold. FINALLY, he opened up ahhhh. then we went and got chased by some lamas hahahaha. Their baptism was at 7 and we went to their house before and walked with their whole family to the church. TONS of members came it was awesome. President and Hermana May were also there for a little! it was super spiritual and the mom Mirium was balling. She said that she felt so happy to see her kids make that decision. The next day they were confirmed and their blessings were so special. We recorded them and are going to write them down so that they can remember forever. It was such a good weekend. Oh and I got to give a talk in church. It was on missionary work but I based it on the question what would Jesus do? 

ah sorry I don’t have tons of time but we have changes!! my companion is leaving and I am staying here in Temuco. I am going to have 6 months in this ward!! What? and my new comp is going to be from Argentina. I love her! President May called me on Saturday and called me to be a Hermana Cap. We are going to be in charge of 12 Hermanas

here’s some pics-

the lama

and my comp and I won our Copa of our zone!!.