Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 26 (November 30) - I HAVE PULGAS!!!

I hope you still all love me because I have pulgas. I think I got them from this puppy in the street. IT WAS SO CUTE so I touched it and now I regret it. But I stripped all my sheets today and am washing all of my clothes so that I can kill these gross things.

Anyways happy late Thanksgiving!! I totally forgot that it was Thanksgiving this weekend! I hope you guys had the best time and ate some good food. Sounds like you guys did!! Brent in Utah with Clara ;) and the whole fambam in our house. Sounds like a party.

To answer your 3 questions dad!!..Yes we speak Spanish 24/7 and she can speak English when she tries. She understands tons and tons of English so when I have a question about a word or something she knows. Super nice. annddd no still can’t roll my r´s hahaha but I can a little so its progress! Everyone here thinks I am from Germany though because of Kleinman. And yes you guys get to skype with me on Christmas!!

It is finally getting warmer down here. YESS I think summer starts on like December 16 or something. But I am sooooooooo happy so so happy. And yes it is really small. So there are about 30 active members in our branch. Including the missionaries. There is the Branch Pres, and his first counselor and that’s all because there aren’t many priesthood holders. Then me and my comp are in charge of the relief society because there isn’t a presidency. And the other companionship is in charge of young women’s. So we are the presidency basically. And we also have to plan activities because our branch president wants more activities but there isn’t anyone to put them together. So we get to do that! Our goal of people in church was 42 and we got 43 this week. It makes it easier to know everyone really well and fast because there aren’t many people haha. But our branch president is soooooooo so awesome.

There are about 1000 people here i think is the statistic and so yes I will definitely talk to everyone becasue our mission is a contacting mission and contacts are one of our key indicators every day and week so we contact at least 150 people every week. That is our goal as a mission. 

Gorbea is SO PRETTY. geez. There are other little pueblos around Gorbea and we go to different ones in the morning. There are so many awesome people here!! AND THE PEOPLE ARE SOOOOOO HUMBLE. So humble. I AM SO HAPPY. It makes it so much better to teach people who are humble. Such a difference. They don’t have much here and it makes me so happy to have what I have. 

We eat lunch with 3 families. One family 3 times a week and sometimes the other two but we eat lunch in our house more in this area. 

Hmm what else. Our house is really nice and wooden I feel like I am in a cabin.

We had lots of miracles this week but I want to tell you guys about two. We met this man named Miguel my first week and invited him to church in the street. He came!! and so we taught him this week and he was reading in the book of Mormon and in the bible (on his own time) and he found two scriptures that were like the same basically so he said of course this book is true it testifies of the bible! Haha we were like yes Miguel yes!! And this Sunday he came again and he was telling everyone that he is going to get baptized on the 12th so they need to come. He is the cutest old man ever and he lives right behind an active member so it’s perfect.

Other miracle, her name is marina. We found her in her house when we were knocking and she told us to come back another day so we went and we taught her. We were explaining a little about the Book of Mormon and while we were sharing we had a picture of Jesus Christ for her to look at, she said. I have seen that picture before!! i had a dream one time and I saw this picture and she said that she knew in her dream she had to find the religion with this picture and follow it. The spirit was soooooooooooo strong. She came to church and loved it.

The work here is awesome and i am loving life. Always every minute. I am so thankful for all of you and i love you guys!!! 


Hermana Kleinman

We had a soc soc activity and these are the members in our relief society!

Hermana Ilda was my companion for 4 days. The first member in Gorbea 30 years ago.

Hermana Moran and just walking from pueblo to pueblo

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 25 (November 23)

Let me just begin by telling you guys how crazy this week was. So I got to Gorbea after a long bus ride. And then first day was normal and we had our district meeting the next morning. Normal. Oh and by the way I am in the smallest zone in the mission and there are 14 people! We had to take a micro for like 30 minutes to get to our zone meeting. There are two districts in this zone and in my zone they are all Latinos except for one of the zone leaders. Then after our district meeting we had to buy food because the only place to buy food here in Gorbea burned down like a little over a year ago...but we did that and then came back to our little pueblo. We were waiting on the side of the street and it was raining reallyyy hard (I thought I escaped the cold but I was wrong) my companion slipped and fell sooooo hard. Like body slammed to the ground. She got up and was soaking obviously so we went to the house to change. We then had a lesson with some new people we found and after the lesson my companion couldn’t get up to walk. Haha dangit. So we were like what the heck happened? Oh yeah you fell and almost died. So the nurse of our mission told her to go to our house and rest. Side note... I LOVE MY COMPANION! She is so cool and soo0o funny. She is helping me with my accent so I don’t sound so greenga hahaha. She is so awesome. But we were in the house and her hip was killing her. I left and did exchanges with the two other Hermana’s in our house so that we could work a little in our area and in their area. I came back and my companion was still in so much pain. So finally at like 1030 at night she couldnt handle it anymore and a member here (the coolest member i have ever met) took us to the hospital. It turns out that my comp dislocated her hip!!! so bad. they put it back into place and gave her shots and pills and stuff. So the rest of the week she was on bed rest and I did exchanges with members and with the other Hermana’s. haha it was a little hard because I don’t know this area at all but obviously possible with the Lords help. 

Our branch is so tiny. The smallest chapel i have ever seen but I LOVE IT HERE SO MUCH!!! There are tons of awesome investigators that we have and I am so pumped.

My comp is feeling a little better and I am so excited to work together with her this week. 

Love you all!!


Hermana Kleinman

We had lunch yesterday in a recent converts backyard and his name is Renee (Renee here is a man’s name) and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and with the family (coolest fam).

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 24 - (November 16) Going to Gorbea!!

I am going to the most south sector that you can go in our mission!! I heard it is like a pablito and just tiny and rural so I am super excited! My new comp is going to be Hermana MorĂ¡n. She is from El Salvador so I have a Latina wahoo! I am really excited for this next change. 

This week was awesome and we worked hard and we have tons of investigators who are progressing super well. I am reallllyyyyyyyy really sad to have to leave Angol and the members here BUT I am happy to leave it filled with people who are prepping for their baptisms.

Miracle of the week....we had stake conference this week and we wanted one of our investigators to come and her name is Blanca. She is so cute and mom she looks just like Grandma Bev but the Chilean form. She is so sweet but we think she has a phobia of people. So she was just like no no next week there will be too many people. She wasn´t answering in the morning of Sunday. We turned the corner and BLANCA WAS STANDING OUTSIDE OF THE CHAPEL WHAT. Not to mention an hour early. (We were there an hour early because we sang in the choir. haha my comp has a good voice) but it was soooo awesome. And then she said she could only stay for an hour but she ended up staying the whole time because she loved it. YES GO BLANCA. 
I am so happy I had this sector¡. I learned so much hear.

I don’t have lots of time today but I am going to send a bunch of pictures so get ready.

Love you all!


Hermana Kleinman

My Old District

President Bluth's Daughter-In-Law (Maiden Name Kleinman)

Nataly and Edurdo 

Femanda and Alejandra 

The Hermanas that i live with and the prettiest view that i have ever seen!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weed 23 (November 9)

This week was awesome. As always. My comp just received her flight itinerary...weird. We have changes this next week but I hope that I get to stay in Angol for one more change because the next change is only 4 weeks and I love my comp and this area and I want to kill my comp (mission language,, ask Brent haha). But I think I might leave.

Let me tell you about this Sunday. You guys won´t believe it. We worked with the members lots this week with this family. This family is super special. They believe in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon but are having a hard time accept Thomas S. Monson. And they have committed to coming to church these past two weeks but then don’t. So we were determined to get them to come this week. And guess what. Nataly, her husband Eduardo, their baby and their daughter Germaoni (like harry potter because they are fanatic’s hahaha) CAME YESSSSSS! But wait it gets better. Nataly walked in and looked and said ¨ dad is here?! I didn´t know that he would be here?! Wait for me to go say hi to him¨ and we were thinking who her dad is? She walked over and it turns out that he is one of the investigators of the elders in our ward and they have been teaching him for these past two weeks and he finally came to church. WHAT?! We had no idea!!!! She was so happy!! She didn’t know that he was being taught by the missionaries and visversa for her. Hahaha it´s really cool to see how the Lords timing really is perfect. Gained a stronger testimony of that this week.
We had 10 investigators in the church this week. It is fun to see the members get pumped up about it and about missionary work!! 

Macarena is doing awesome!! We have held off on the commandments until she has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOM and we were talking with her at the beginning of this week and she said that she knows it is all true and she told us ¨Hermana’s, I can´t take back and return my feelings that i have felt. i know it is true and i can only move forward. YES YES so we are in the process of teaching her the commandments. 

This week was so fast and so good. I am learning so much every day and I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary and to have these experiences. I love this Gospel and I am grateful for you family and for your examples for me. 

Mom- my comp had lavender oil and we put it on our burns and it made me really homesick for a second because it reminded me of you. I love you!!


Hermana meads and I when I hit 5 months wahoooooo!!

It’s hot here. Oh yeah i have this weird rash on my feet and my legs but it doesn´t hurt and the nurse of our mission was in Angol and looked at it but doesn’t know what it is. haha I will send a picture maybe you guys will know. Love you all!!


Hermana Kleinman

Hermana Meads and I - Five Month Mark

 Comp and I Doing Service at the Hospital

Zone Pictures

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 22 (November 1)

Okay. This week! woohooo!!

We did SO much service this week. Literally every day in the morning but it was so worth it. And we are seeing the blessings. We painted this room that this guy is renting from a Hermana in our ward and he is not a member. We started talking casually about what we do and religion while we were painting with him and the Hermana and he is super interested and so we basically taught him the restoration while we were painting. Yes!!!


And we did something awesome. This guy in our ward called us and told us to keep these two mornings free because we are going to do service in the school for an English teacher. So we went and for their tests they had to do interviews with us haha. It was soooo cool and so fun to see all these kids speaking English. But the third day was the best. It was like a trade for a trade! We helped them with their English and then we got to share something with 40 students from the ages 17 and 18. (Future missionaries) Everyone was paying super good attention and we explained what we do as missionaries and why we are here. Then we shared a video and talked a little bit about what we share. Then we passed out chards and asked everyone if they wanted to hear more and we received like 26 back. YAAAA! it was so awesome. We have only gone to one of the kid’s house but he is awesome and his family is awesome too. But wait this is the best part. We talked to the teacher the next day and she thanked us and she told us thanks for everything but especially thanks for us because she said we touched the hearts of all of the students with our message about God. We have an appointment with her this week and her future husband. It was seriously the coolest thing to share with all of those kids. 

This Sunday we saw the blessing in church. We walked in and the parents of Nico were just sitting there with their family. MIRACLE. Because the dad even skipped work that morning to come. Seriously a miracle, and 5 of our other investigators came. Yes. Good good week. The work is picking up here. Pray for Macarena. She has tons and tons of opposition with her family because they are super catholic but she knows this church is true. 

AHhhh I love it here in Angol and I love my comp. the 40 day fast is going good! The fast from English is helping a ton. And little things I am doing and I can feel a huge difference. Dad to answer your questions:

We have a cellular haha its really basic but at least we have one right?
We talk to our district leader every night yes. he’s really cool he’s from some city in Utah.
We are in a ward and not a branch
Our building is pretty big! it’s bigger than the building in Mexico but smaller than an average. I need to send a picture of the other building here. HUGE. Biggest I have ever seen. But yes we baptize in our building too!

Congrats and shout out to Jenae Walker!! Yay!! Congrats on the wedding! 

The English kids and our Halloween hahaha they don’t celebrate it here and we forgot it was Halloween