Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 19 - (October 12) Wahhhhooo!

Sorry I never know what to put for subjects. I am so lame. But wow. This week though. SO AWESOME. First off shout out to Grandpa Dan for turning 80 this week! Give him my love. He is the best. And I am so happy that Jared is okay! I have def. been praying for him lots. 

Another note. Viviana and MariaIgnacia yes they already moved but guess what. They called us this week and they told us that they went to the church in conce and found the missionaries!! They are so awesome. For sure going to get baptized in no time.

Emma was super sick so we couldn’t visit her this week but we have a cita this next week with her. We had a huge huge huge miracle this week and I want to share it with you guys. I have gained a testimony about references now. Listen to this. Hold on tight. Okay so we contacted a reference (named Macarena) from some Elders in our zone and apparently she was searching for a house of prayer. Perfect right? Well we had a lesson with her and we taught her lesson 1. She was asking the BEST questions and was grasping things very quickly. We challenged her to be baptized and she said the whole ï have been baptized thing...we then explained and challenged her again. Then she said okay yes only if I receive an answer. Then we promised her that she would and that she would receive it quick. Here it comes...we knelt down so she could say the closing prayer and it was silent for about 1 minute after she said ¨padre celestial¨ and then we heard her crying so we opened our eyes and she was just crying and crying. We asked her how she felt and she said I have this burning feeling in my chest. It is really hot!! And we explained that it was the spirit testifying and then she said yes yes I have received my answer. Then accepted a date to be baptized. SO COOL I LOVE THE SPIRIT AND THIS GOSPEL! She came to church the next day and it was testimony meeting (perfect). She loveeedddd! Cannot wait to see her later today.

We also are teaching this man named Hernan and he is awesome. He is from the campo and it takes him a little to understand things but he really wants to learn and change. At church this Sunday we had a lesson about temple work and baptisms for the dead in our gospel principles class and we were thinking oh noooo he is not going to understand this. But he did!! And now he really wants to do the work for his dad and his grandpa. So cute Hernan. He just has gotta get baptized soon. 

There are so many miracles here it is kind of crazy I feel way way too blessed. This is supposed to be one of the tougher sectors in our mission but I don’t get why because we see miracles daily. My new companion is seriously awesome. She is super direct (in a good and loving way) and I have already learned SO much from her. I cannot wait to have a whole cambio with her and experience more miracles!! 

Also I was reading in the BOM this week and in Jacob 5 when the Lord is says what more can I do for my vineyard? It really hit me hard because he says that 3 times. Not 1 but 3. And I was thinking about our investigators and there is always more that we can do for them and for anybody really. I challenge you all this week to think of something or someone in your life and think what more can I do for that or them? Because I promise you there is ALWAYS something we can do.

I love you all times a billion and the whole world full!!


Hermana Kleinman

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