Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 51 - May 30 (Opposition in ALL good things, all of them).

I learned the importance of banana bread and perseverance this week. Our investigator Lizette told us that she was going to get baptized on Saturday and on Monday. Good right. Then we lost all contact with her for the whole week. Terrible right. We went to her house one morning and her mom told us to never come back because she doesn’t want her daughter to get baptized and she doesn’t want anything to do with the Mormons. We prayed about it and it came to my head to make banana bread and it came to my companions head to write our testimonies. So we did it. And the next day the same thing happened with her mom but she smelled the bread and saw the note and you could see her heart soften a tiny bit. She told us to come back on Monday night to talk to her and her husband. We left but still we couldn’t get a hold of Lizette. We think that they blocked our number. We had been praying soo hard for Lizette and then one night our zone leaders called us about Lizette and then they told us to call her. We called her and she answered!!!!!!!! We freaked out everyone on the little bus that we were on. We were so stoked!!! And Lizette was so happy to talk to us. She told us to come over the next day. The next day was Saturday. We went over and my comp is a champ. She challenged her to be baptized that day but Lizette started telling us all of these excuses. After listening to them all we asked her if her dad gave her permission, would she be baptized that night? She said yes. She then came to church the next day, brought her little sister and her neighbor who is less active. Lizette is another champ. We have a visit with her parents this night and our ward mission leader. Pray for Lizette.

We also went to get one of our investigators for a family home evening and we walked in and she was sitting there and told us that she couldn’t go. She started crying and told us that it was the month anniversary of her dad passing away. We just listed and listened and in the end she goes `thanks Hermana’s. All I needed was someone to listen. You guys are always here in the right time or call me in the right moment. I am so grateful for you two and I know that I did not make a mistake opening up my door that night that you two knocked It.was super sweet.

We had lots of actually tons of opposition this week but in the end it was such a good solid week. I know that we tried our best to but our confidence in God and everything worked out because this is God´s work anyways. 
I love you fambam. And friends. I’m thankful for your prayers and everything that you guys do for me. 


Hermana Kleinman

The first time that I ate some turf in the mission. 

And this is the sassiest little girl Laura. She drew on our face in a family home evening. ha-ha we LOVE her. The Chilean baby's and little people here are a dream. Everyone is a pamper baby and it’s so tempting to hold them.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 50 - (May 23)

soooooooooooo hello.

this week was another killer week here in LincanRay.

The mom of Nicolas was baptized!!! Guinette. It was SUCH an awesome baptism. She asked me to speak. I got to speak about baptism (not too difficult since we teach that everyday haha) and Nicolas talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so so so so special to see Nicolas bear such a strong testimony about the Holy Ghost. I am so proud of him. We were waiting for one of our investigators to come to the baptism and she came RIGHT in time to see the baptism. Her name is Lizette. I’ll talk about her in a second. After Guinette changed and everything she came in and bore the best testimony ever. The next day in church to see her confirmed as a member was so special as always. she shared with everyone that the night of her baptism she added a bunch of pics to FB and all of her friends were commenting and saying things like you joined the devils church and she told them all to stop because they were offending God, I love her.

Lizette is another investigator that we have who is GOLDEN. We found her family on an intercambio (Hermana McGregor and I) and now we are comps teaching them. Lizette was having a few doubts about accepting a date but we talked with her and bishop after the baptism and he goes ¨hey so when is your baptism? she was like uhhhhhhhh i have a few doubts. He cleared them up in about a second haha. We went and taught her a few commandments this morning and put her baptism date for this Saturday. 

We are teaching another family who I absolutely love. We recently came back to teach them and both of us were crying. We were happy to see each other. She told us she had just said a prayer to bring happiness to her life and we then knocked her door. Super duper cool. They came to church on Sunday and absolutely love this family.

We have people progressing and it is so much fun. Love this work as always.

Love you guys from down here in Chile. PS it is fall here in Chile. Weird huh?

hahaha the other day we were at lunch and we look over and the baby had like a thousand potato peels on his face. We were like what the? Apparently it’s like a healing Chilean methos.

We live with another greenga and a missionary from Columbia. And there are like 40 or 50ish in the whole mission I would say? hahaha we heard about the sisters wearing pants but no not our mission. Chile is the best.


Hermana Kleinman

We had a ward activity and these are some who came. it was soooooooooo awesome. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 49 (May 16) - Another Week Full of Miracles

I am going to start off by using a quote that either mom or dad sent me in the last weeks email. The miracles in my life are seeing miracles happen in other people’s life’s. I think that is how it went. I loved that and this week that was true times a million. The mission is filled with miracles every day. It really amazes me!

Our area is pretty big so we have to work in sectors or else we waste time walking from cita to cita. 

My companion Hermana McGregor is AWESOME. Seriously. I keep lucking out with the best companions in the world. This is her second exchange in the mission and she is already such a dang good missionary. We started running in the mornings and my legs are feeling it haha. We made a few goals this cambio and it is going to be a great cambio.

I just want to tell you guy’s briefly about a few of the miracles that we have seen.

One day our citas fell through and so we felt like knocking a street. We started at the top and two houses in, we entered in the gate, knocked and a woman opened. She started and said to come in! We got talking and she told us that her dad had passed away 3 weeks ago. She said she was needing peace and comfort in her life. We taught her a little, the spirit was so strong, she cried a little and we went back a few days later to teach her. Her daughter was there and we shared the restoration. Her daughter said that she had already heard this message and already prayed and she knew that it was true. They rolled up on their motor scooter to church on Sunday. haha they are SO awesome but what is cool is that the mom told us that normally to people like us she shuts the door and tells them that she is occupied. She said that she had felt something different with us when she looked at us and that is why she let us in.

Another cool guy, we knocked his door and he talked a ton. We found out tons about him and you could literally see him change throughout this lesson. SO COOL. We went back today and he had told us that these past few days he has felt something different in his life. More peace than ever. He also told us that the only reason he let us in is because he felt something different when he looked at us.

We found someone really awesome last night too. We knocked and she opened and guys are Mormons?...come in!!. Then she went on to tell us how Mormons kept popping up in her life and she wants to know everything about us.

It happened a few other times where people just let us in because they could see something different.

 I absolutely love being a missionary and more than that being a member of this church. People can see a difference in us because there is a difference in us. Nothing is better than knowing that I represent Jesus Christ every day.

Love you all so much and remember how lucky you are to be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I hope I spelled that right in English. It’s been a while.

Hermana Kleinman

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 48 - (May 9) The awkard moment when your sister becomes your daughter

So I have a good four minutes to express some feelings for this week. First off. Thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday!!! Love you all!! And sorry I will reply to the rest next week.

We found out our transfers this morning and it was superrrrrr weird and crazy again!! So I and Hermana Hopkins are leaving haha they are whitewashing fundo but lucky for the missionaries who are coming in because we left it in tip top shape with investigators of gold with baptism dates wahoo! I am just switching rooms in our apartment and going to the sector right next door to finish Hermana McGregor’s training! She is from Utah and she is so dang cute, I am so excited. I will still be in the same ward but just in a different sector. This one is called LincanRay and it’s absolutely huge with tons of hills. I think that God is trying to tell me that I need to get back into shape. But it will be nice because I can help the missionaries who are whitewashing fundo with investigators and stuff. But that was a surprise I am so excited to stay but not stay. 

Ginette yes is the mother of Nicolas and SHE IS SO AWESOME. She was sitting next to me and goes hey I feel something. I feel like I need to get up and share my thoughts (during fast and testimony meeting) and she gets up and tells everyone ¨¨ï know that I am not a member yet but on May 21st I am going to baptize me into this church because I know that it is true. I have been searching for the correct church for years and I know that God sent me the missionaries so that I could get the Book of Mormon and find this gospel. We went to her house last night to teach her about fasting and tithing and she told us that she had been fasting all day long because she heard that is what you are supposed to do. Her husband listened to us for the second time and I know that their whole family is going to get baptized in the next few months. I love them. I am sad to not be able to go and teach them but I am happy that I get to see them at church.

I am so grateful for you guys and love you all!

PS dad we ALWAYS have weird experiences like the lion rawrr don’t worry. 
Something random. We always count how many people are named Juan. We call them Juantactos like a contacto or contact but when their name is Juan hahaha I think I had like 300 this cambio really.


Hermana Kleinman

so my district leader bought me a cake

thats our zone and hermana mcgregor is in there wahhoooo

everyone always tells me i look like laura ingles from little house on the prarie so we found a little house on the prarie and when they tell me that we say yes!!! then we show them this picture hahaha

and i am going to miss hermana hopkins. picture unintentionally taken but sums up so much.

thats all love you guys

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 47 (May 2) - verdadera intención

Let me just tell you a little bit about the life’s of my comp and I this past week. The weirdest things keep happening over and over. The rule is in our mission is that we can enter into a man’s house if he is alone but only if he is over the age of 35. You can NEVER tell the age of people here in Chile. Really though. You think that they are 30 and then they somehow are actually 60. I call it the Chilean secret because I still haven’t found out the trick to it. But anyways so every time we contact a man in his house we always have to somehow awkwardly ask if he is alone and then how old he is. hahaha so sometimes they get the way wrong idea. But the other day we were in this old man’s house and he seemed so cool. We taught him the restoration and we were bearing testimony and all the sudden he grabs my comps hand and I yelled NOOOOOO and then he straight up did a lion rawer at me hahahahahahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing and then me and my comp said bounce. (Our code word for when we feel like getting out of somewhere) we got up and walked out hahahha. I know he is a child of God but we aren´t ever going back....we got to find the people with verdadera intención if you know what I mean.
The members after the baptism are getting more excited to work with us and help out. We have done some night of families and we have been playing the only game I remember when we used to do them. The flour game...........I definitely lost on the first one. definitely got flour all on the face and then we were late so we had to book it home and we were just running through Chile with flour faces hahahaha people were like what the heck.

The mom of Nicolas and his sister came to our steak conference and they were crying the whole time and they kept thanking us for helping them know this gospel. It was so sweet. Going to be converts 100 percent before their baptisms.

This week EVERYONE was just going off on us about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. They must have allllll woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something. But it was cool because it really strengthened my testimony of the restoration and the book of Mormon as me and my comp studied this week. Actually really cool story about the book of Mormon. We met this girl and she told us I know alllllllllll about your church and blah blah blah but we asked her if she had read the book of Mormon and she said no. we testified really strongly of it and then she goes okay. I will read it all but just to let you guys know, I will not be a Mormon. Then we went back a week later and she goes actually Hermana’s I might be a Mormon I really like this book. BAM. Power of the Book of Mormon right? 

Another cool thing happen with one of the chosen investigators. My comp challenged her to be baptized and she goes obvio hermanas its part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She’s sooooooo cool.

I love fundo and my comp. so much. I think that I actually might leave next week because I think that my little trainee Hermana Hopkins is totally ready to train. She is awesome.

Shout out to Mama Robyn because its mother’s day on Sunday and I want everyone to know how thankful I am for her in my life. I love you mom!!! 

Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday. It is going to be the best birthday ever!! Yesssssssssssss. This week was so awesome can’t say this enough. I love my mission. I love Chile. I love the Lord. Love you guys.


Hermana Kleinman

Flour game with Nicolas and his fam

our ex-mamita (she dropped us this week...dang it. so now we are in the search for someone else to wash our clothes) but she comes with us a lot shes so cute