Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 38 (February 22) - What the Miracles

So I realized that I put berries and berries in my last email but never explained. Here they call it the berry plague because they grow EVERYWHERE so we just are walking and are always eating berries. Yessssss. it’s like 100000 times the cabin.

The weather here won’t make up its mind right now it is REALLY cold in the night and morning and then REALLY hot in the day.

We had a tri-zone conference this week with President Bluth and it was sooooooo awesome. Seriously. I am so thankful that I was called to be in his mission. He is so inspired. Listen to this.

I now know that Hermana Bowling was definitely supposed to be my companion. Her first day here in Gorbea we were walking down this one street and this man yelled at us and said ¨hey!! When are you guys going to come share something with me at my house? We got his number and then put a time to go. He couldn´t and then couldn´t and finally could. We went and he is this owner of this hugeeee football or I guess you say soccer field in Gorbea. We were chatting on his lawn and he started getting emotional and he said that he had to tell us something. He said that he had a dream back in 2005 and he has never forgotten it. He told us that he always saw me and my other companion walking around Gorbea and always recognized me but never wanted to talk to us when we tried because my companion wasn’t the other one in his dream. So when he saw me and Hermana Bowling, he felt something warm and SO strong that he had to talk to us because she was the other person in his dream. He told us that he knew that we were here to tell him something important. He then started telling us about how he had died a few years back and was completely dead for 22 minutes. After he got revived he felt like he was still living to learn something else in this life. I asked him when he had died and he said in May of 1996. I couldn´t believe it. That is when I was born!!!!!! I freaked out and started crying I told him and he started crying. He told us that he has NEVER wanted to learn anything from the Mormon missionaries but now he can’t deny and he knows that he has to follow what we are going to teach him. We also found out that his son plays for the soccer team of Chile hahha what. We have like an actual cita lesson with him tonight and i am so pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This family that we are working with is getting reactivated and it makes me want to cry. The mom is the best and she was so so so happy to be at church with her family

We also had contacted this guy like 3 months ago and he had heard about the book of Mormon and so we gave him one on the street and testified about it. We FINALLY found him last night and HE IS SO GOLDEN!!! He is reading in 2 Nephi and he has been reading for the past three months with his niece. What the miracles.
I am SO happy. My comp is a rockstar. She is learning so much Spanish so fast it’s insane. She challenged someone to be baptized in her first week and he accepted perfectly. 

Keep learning Spanish mom and dad!!! I am so happy and keep going to church in Mexico. I am so excited to actually understand sacrament meeting. 

love you all!


Hermana Kleinman

We had our zone activity today at some waterfalls. I’m living the straight dream that’s for sure.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 37 (February 15)

This week was CRAAAZZYYYY.  But so awesome. 

So on Monday we went to Conce and I worked there with Hermana Lockling on Tuesday because she is training too. So our house is like a training house. Then on Wednesday we picked up our hijas or our new companions and I am with Hermana Bowling from Star Valley, Wyoming. SHE IS THE BEST SERIOUSLY!!!! I am soooooo happy and so relieved that my daughter is cool. She is sooo so excited to work hard and be here to be a missionary. These next three months are going to be the best I am so excited I can’t even wait. She’s a straight star.

We then traveled home for a whole day and so we finally got to work this weekend. 

We have seen so many miracles. People keep coming up to us like hey we talked to you guys one day but you never came by? Come by this day? Like uhhhh okay no problem. 

We had kind of a stressful Sunday we started late because there wasn’t enough priesthood. Our president of the branch came for two weeks here and then he just left again to work and did the counselor and so we were waiting for some elders close by to help us out. but then we finally got started and the quorum president was directing I think you say? And he was like uhhh well the people to give talks aren’t here so Hermana Kleinman? So I just had to go up and talk for a while. HahaI know that this branch will be really good for my companion she is going to learn a ton. I learn so much every week.

I am going to tell you an experience that we had that i think marked me for the rest of my life I am not even kidding. I had allwayssss felt like we needed to knock this one house when we go by it in a bus. So we finally knocked it and this lady came out right away. We starting chatting and she told us that she can still remember this first missionaries that came to Gorbea and their name and everything. She then somehow told us that her spouse had died like 5 years ago and she was mad at God and didn’t understand where he was and why that had to happen. We explained the plan of salvation a little and I told her that I had always felt like i needed to knock her door. She told us that she felt like she needed to open the door up right away when she heard us yell alo!! She then looked at me and said ¨how long have you been here in Gorbea? I said three months.  And then she asked ¨why haven’t you come to visit me before?” That seriously cut me to the core and I felt kind of sick. I learned a huge lesson to ALWAYS follow the spirit. If it’s a good thought. Just do it.

Love you all SO much. My family is the best.


Hermana Kleinman

This is my hija on the left and my mom Hermana Rich on the right. Oh yeah Hermana rich is my sister training leader now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I get to see her a lot it’s the best EVA.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 36 (February 8)

Let me first just tell you about Dolores. Dolores was baptized this past Saturday and it was literally a miracle. So we were going to a lesson with a member in our ward. We had about 40 minutes before the lesson so we thought a yeah we will knock some doors. We walked by this house and my comp was like hey she has a pass along card in her window lets knock it. We knocked and entered with this little grandma who’s name is Dolores. She talked for ever. She has had sooooooo many problems in her life and probably has had one of the saddest lives that I have ever heard of. The member gave her a blessing of health and we left. We thought eh she’s just another catholic grandma. We kept feeling like we needed to go back and so finally we went back. She said I thought you guys were never going to come back!! She talked again for everrrr but me and my companion were working on listening that week and so we listened. At the end of our lesson she said that she has never felt the Spirit in a church before and she wants to. We invited her to come and she came. She was so happy because she felt the spirit. She was baptized three weeks later!!! Miracle. It’s really special with her too because we did an interchange and i was with a Hermana of Chile. Dolores couldn´t understand her and she could understand me perfectly. It’s really cool to see the promises that I received in my setting apart blessing take effect. She’s the cutest ever. And we found out that she isn’t catholic but she lies to everyone so that she doesn’t have to let them into her house hahahhaa. She’s the coolest.

Also we found out changes this morning and my companion is leaving me to be a Hermana cap. And I am going to have a baby!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO BE A MOM!!! I am going to train someone and it is going to be soooooo much fun I cannot wait. So I will be here in Gorbea for sure for 6 months. But tomorrow I have to travel all the way 8 hours to Concepcion to get my companion. 

Oh yeah also we had a really cool activity with all of the members about the restoration and the book of Mormon. They were all crying and we gave them assignments to read the book of Mormon every day. And now we were receiving references finally. 

I love this area SOOOOOO MUCH and I am going to miss my companion a ton but i cant wait to show my new companion how cool the mission is. ahhhhh I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

We have awesome investigators and that inactive family that we found of 21, some of them came to church on Sunday wahhoooo finally. And the family that my comp dreamed about they have been in Santiago so we finally had a lesson with them this week. They accept everything that we have taught them and she told us this time that ever since we have been coming her everything has been getting better in her house. They haven’t come to church yet but are reading and praying so they are progressing little by little.

I hope that you guys had so much fun in Mexico. I miss Mexico and the beach. I love you guys so much!! The whole world full! You guys are the best. Have the best week.


Hermana Kleinman

Dolores Flores

My District

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 35 (February 1)- I snuck out and told my neighbor i am getting married!!

hahahaha the subject of this is a direct quote from one of our investigators named Dolores. Her neighbor is anti Mormon and she came to the baptism of Isidro in allll white and told us that the first thing. She is the cutest little grandma in the world.

This week was soooooooooo good. I really don’t have tons of time so sorry. A really good letter next week.
This week Isidro was baptized!!! Let me just tell you about him real quick. He was a man off the street that comes to church every once in a while. He didn’t have a phone so we couldn’t find him for weeks. One day we were eating lunch and we saw him and we sprinted to talk to him. I used my stalking skills and we found out he does have a phone and we got his number. I think I have learned more patience with him than any other investigator. And I have seen the BIGGEST change in him. It really is crazy. But he was baptized and he was sooo happy. And he gave the closing prayer in church and he started crying and he told us he feels like he has more comfort in his life after he had received the Spirit. 

He told us that we were his angels and then he wanted to take a picture of us like this hahaha.

We also had a competition with four zones here in the south and today we had the final round and we played quittich. From harry potter hahaha. It was so fun and we won. woohooo!!

I love you all so much!


Hermana Kleinman

We caught the snitch aka the pig

hahahaha awkward moment. The owner of this cyber was like hey you guys are going to be here for much longer? And I wasn’t really paying attention and so I said ya le queremos tambien. hahahha which means like yeah we love ya too. Dangit. Things just got really awkward. And we are trying to find ways to teach him. Maybe this is our in? I think I just broke the ice that’s for sure.