Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 47 (May 2) - verdadera intención

Let me just tell you a little bit about the life’s of my comp and I this past week. The weirdest things keep happening over and over. The rule is in our mission is that we can enter into a man’s house if he is alone but only if he is over the age of 35. You can NEVER tell the age of people here in Chile. Really though. You think that they are 30 and then they somehow are actually 60. I call it the Chilean secret because I still haven’t found out the trick to it. But anyways so every time we contact a man in his house we always have to somehow awkwardly ask if he is alone and then how old he is. hahaha so sometimes they get the way wrong idea. But the other day we were in this old man’s house and he seemed so cool. We taught him the restoration and we were bearing testimony and all the sudden he grabs my comps hand and I yelled NOOOOOO and then he straight up did a lion rawer at me hahahahahahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing and then me and my comp said bounce. (Our code word for when we feel like getting out of somewhere) we got up and walked out hahahha. I know he is a child of God but we aren´t ever going back....we got to find the people with verdadera intención if you know what I mean.
The members after the baptism are getting more excited to work with us and help out. We have done some night of families and we have been playing the only game I remember when we used to do them. The flour game...........I definitely lost on the first one. definitely got flour all on the face and then we were late so we had to book it home and we were just running through Chile with flour faces hahahaha people were like what the heck.

The mom of Nicolas and his sister came to our steak conference and they were crying the whole time and they kept thanking us for helping them know this gospel. It was so sweet. Going to be converts 100 percent before their baptisms.

This week EVERYONE was just going off on us about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. They must have allllll woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something. But it was cool because it really strengthened my testimony of the restoration and the book of Mormon as me and my comp studied this week. Actually really cool story about the book of Mormon. We met this girl and she told us I know alllllllllll about your church and blah blah blah but we asked her if she had read the book of Mormon and she said no. we testified really strongly of it and then she goes okay. I will read it all but just to let you guys know, I will not be a Mormon. Then we went back a week later and she goes actually Hermana’s I might be a Mormon I really like this book. BAM. Power of the Book of Mormon right? 

Another cool thing happen with one of the chosen investigators. My comp challenged her to be baptized and she goes obvio hermanas its part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She’s sooooooo cool.

I love fundo and my comp. so much. I think that I actually might leave next week because I think that my little trainee Hermana Hopkins is totally ready to train. She is awesome.

Shout out to Mama Robyn because its mother’s day on Sunday and I want everyone to know how thankful I am for her in my life. I love you mom!!! 

Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday. It is going to be the best birthday ever!! Yesssssssssssss. This week was so awesome can’t say this enough. I love my mission. I love Chile. I love the Lord. Love you guys.


Hermana Kleinman

Flour game with Nicolas and his fam

our ex-mamita (she dropped us this week...dang it. so now we are in the search for someone else to wash our clothes) but she comes with us a lot shes so cute


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