Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 42 (March 28) When the rollercoaster does an upside down flip

I hope that you all had an awesome Easter!! This Sunday was my favorite that I have had here in Gorbea I think. Well one of them. All of the talks were soooooooo good. I didnt have to give a talk in church!! That hasn’t happened in a while. But Easter was so awesome here because mostly everyone does believe in Christ and everyone was so happy yesterday in the streets. Chile is good place.

We had a super cool week and a seventy and President Wilhelm came and talked to our whole mission. They talked about the importance of the little things we do every day and how it effects baptism and people’s salvation. It really impacted me.

We also this week found tons of new people to teach and committed lots of people to church. Super successful week.....Then Sunday morning rolled around and we got a few calls from investigators with a bunch of excuses. We were kind of frustrated so we decided to go out and get them. we found a few. one came to church with us and loved it. Julia is her name. Her mom is an inactive but Julia wants to get baptized so we are working with the mom. 

We were sitting in sacrament and waiting for a good 35 minutes to start because they forgot to bring bread for the sacrament. And right after we started one of the coolest investigators Victor (not the one in jail) walked in and I was SOOOOOO surprised slash happy. He stayed for all of the hours and LOVED it. He is 25 and is reading in Alma. Has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and so we will see him baptized in a few weeks. He is the nephew of Pablo who also loves the Book of Mormon. It was a miracle because we had been praying for him all week to have (ganas) you say in Spanish but I guess it’s like desires to go to church. And he came!!!!!!!! Prayers do work. 

This week the most random things happened. We were teaching new people and right at the beginning the lights went out. Hahaha totally had a lesson in the dark. In the nighttime. That was interesting. I am going to miss Hermana Bowling.

I say that I am going to miss Hermana Bowling because this morning we went bowling as a zone and we had to get strikes to find out our cambios. We found out that I am leaving Gorbea and I will be in a huge city in Temuco opening a sector. I am going to finish the training of another Hermana and Hermana Bowling is going to stay here, lead the sector and finish her training with a Latina comp!!! It’s weird so I guess I will have two daughters in the mish. The new president is changing everyonesssss trainers this cambio. It’s the craziest cambio ever!!! But I will be with Hermana Hopkins. She came with Hermana Bowling. And is from the USA too. I feel kind of scared but my trust is all the way in the Lord. I know I can do anything through him and so can you guys.

Love you all!!

Hermana Kleinman

Luau!!!! as a district

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 41 - March 14

Let’s just say that I am thankful for my comp because she has suchhhh a good voice. All of my comps have had really pretty voices and I am so thankful. Everyone always asks me why I don’t have a good voice, because apparently because I’m American I should.....hahahahaha they just don’t know the Kleinman family.

We had to go to Conce for one day this week really fast and we got to meet the new president. He is from the south of Chile and this is his 3rd time to be a mission president. His name is President Wilhem and he speaks Spanish and German. Not English. He and his wife are soooooooo awesome. They gave us some of the coolest advice. He is a lot different than President Bluth but I guess he is who our mission needs right now. He asked me how many investigators we had, then how many are progressing, then for how many baptism dates we have, and then their complete names. It was an awesome learning experience for me that if we want miracles for our investigators then we need to know their complete names by heart because we are always praying for them and with their full names. And it’s true because how many Juan’s are there here in Chile? I think I have talked to at least ten thousand. Actually probably more.

SOOO we have been working on more specific prayers with complete names and are the miracles just coming. We have this one investigator names Pablo Barrientos and we can never ever find him but it’s frustrating because he is so golden. So we have been praying hard to find him. We found him this week and we asked him how his readings in the Book of Mormon are going and he whipped out his book and showed us that his is in Mosiah 18 and he was excited to read about how alma was about to go and teach and baptize people in the waters of Mormon. He said that he always feels desires to read the Book of Mormon, knows it is true, and he loves it. He accepted a baptism date and then he came to church the next day all the way away. 

We had church 20 minutes away in bus because there was a video broadcast from a seventy and from Russel M. Nelson. Who knew that he speaks Spanish?! I didn’t. He spoke to all of Chile and it was awesomeeeee. So good. Our investigators who came were pumped and loved every word they said!!

I am learning so much every day and time is going by way to fast. Being a missionary is the best. I am going to figure out a way to make it slow down.


Hermana Kleinman

everyone knows Gorbea by this plane that they have at the entrance to this town one day we walked around and then we realized i look like a hunchback. embarrassing. Annnddd we get fed rich sometimes!! this was with famly Fica. they have the best food ever.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 40 (March 7) - River Baptism Why Not?

So basically I don’t have tons of time today but i am going to send some pics. This is Gaby and her parents. There is always soooo much opposition with baptisms and we went and started the font in the morning and went like two hours later to check it and the water wasn’t working. Haha turns out they turned off the water here in Gorbea. Typical. So we called the mom of gabby and told her what was going on and we were kind of kidding like yea so let’s go to the river?! And she’s like well why not?"!! So they brought tonssssssssssssss of people to her baptism and we were just walking through Gorbea with this mob and marina the mom of gabby was inviting everyone in the streets to come. It was soooo fun and SO COOL. Honestly I think my favorite baptism I have witnessed in my life. 

this is my grateful slash happy face from the valentines day package. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 39 (February 29) - Rollercoaster

First I want to tell you all what is going on in our mission right now. A few days ago we received calls from our district leaders that our mission President (President Bluth) lost his voice, went to a doctor and they sent him home to the US to Salt Lake City to a specialist doctor. He has a tumor in his throat and they aren't sure what it is right now. So right now the assistants are filling in for President until they get a replacement one from Chile. It is so sad and we did a fast as a mission for him and his family.

But what we are doing for him is that everyone is going to email their friends and family so that they can send pictures!! With this on a paper "En _________ oramos por usted" (En el espacio blanco pongan el pais donde estan sus familias) Tambien pudeden agragar mas comentarios si quieren. So like example (en mesa arizona oramos por usted) then next week please send me these pictures!!! So that we can help president feel animated.

But this week was crazy we had THE COOLEST lesson with that miracle Victor guy. He started crying and told us that he had been reading the BOM and knew it was true. At the end of the lesson he told us as we were walking out to the street that he wants to change. He had some sort of weight on his shoulders and he wanted help but he said let’s talk about it next time. Then a few days ago he called us in panic and told us that he couldn’t come to the church to have a lesson because he was in trouble but he seemed panicked and then hung up. We have been trying to call him but his phone is off. THEN Miguel called us and told us that he was talking to his old friends from the police and he was talking about victor and they told him that he just got put in jail. Soooooooooooooooooooo dangit. We think the thing that he wants to repent for is the reason why he is in jail. dangit. But we got permission to go give him a BOM to read while he has time. 

But speaking of Miguel he blessed the sacrament for the first time this Sunday and it was sooooo cool to see him!!! He was practicing all week haha.

We also have been helping this inactive family and the mom is totally active with an awesome testimony now and we are teaching her son of 16 but her daughter of 9 is going to get baptized this weekend. 

We were able to see lots of our investigators in church this weekend and less actives. Oh we also had a conference with Elder Bednar for all of the missionaries in South America and he basically ripped us apart it was so awesome. I learned so much.

I love the mission the whole world full and wouldn’t trade this time for anything else. I know that we have the restored gospel and the gospel is for everyone.

This is my zone. Best zone everrrrrrrrr!!!!!.


Hermana Kleinman