Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 46 (April 26) Brownie? or brawnie?¿¿

hahahaha this week has been so much fun. Today we had a zone activity and we played broom hockey and killed it. 

We saw another miracle with the mom of Nicolas (who just got baptized)....we were teaching principles of the gospel and she goes Hermanas? Can I share something?  We were like uh yes of course. Then she went on to tell everyone there about the opposition that she is having with her family. She told us that everyone in her work and family are saying things to her like ¨Ginette...you are Mormon now? Why? And just baggin on the Mormons. And she said that she told them all ¨no I am not Mormon yet. but I will be one day and I will be because I can feel something different in the Mormon church and not in this church and then she went on telling us that she knows these things that we teach are true because she has seen the change in her son and she wants that for allllll of her family. She is so awesome. We put her baptism for the 21st because we want her and her daughter to get baptized together. I love their family. 

We have another really cute couple Carmen and Luis. we had knocked their door and she let us in. she told us that she had gone to the Mormon church before and loved it but never went back because nobody ever invited her............we obviously got right on that and invited her. She came and loved it. Her husband is kind of deaf so when we go to teach them we talk and then she translates by yelling in his ear in the tu form hahahaha it’s so cute. I love my area and love being a missionary like always. Love you guys!! 

Remember to look for the simple things in life that can always make you happy.


Hermana Kleinman

the rain and the muddy season has hit. hard. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 45 (April 18) You can´t beat the timing of God

First off... congrats to Brent and Clara on the wedding!!!! You guys looked awesome. And I am glad I could be there with my cutout and all. so happy for you guys!!!
Second off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!!! Love you Sista.

This week was pretty steller if you ask me. Nicolas Valenzuela got baptized. Let me tell you about this Nicolas. The other week he was on the bus sitting behind Hermana Rich and her Comp. They over heard him saying that he was searching for the true church because there had to be one and he wanted to get baptized into it. His friend then started to explain the apostasy (it turns out that he was a menos active) She freaked out with her comp and was like we are Mormon missionaries!!! We teach about this!!! She got her info and he lived in our sector. He was basically a golden investigator and I don’t think we did much. It was all the spirit and the Lord. He is 19 and wants to go on a mission when he can. He is AWESOME. He used to be in a realllllllllllyyy bad state in his life and he used to not believe in God. Things opposite if you catch my drift. It was the coolest thing to see the spirit work with him and to see him change literally 100 percent. We are now working with his family to get them ready for their baptisms. Super prepared. The mission is the coolest thing in the world

Another miracle with that mom Valeska and her two kids. She called us this week with some doubts about a few things and we hadn’t seen her all week. We had been praying for her sooo hard. We were walking in the street last night and she literally appeared in front of us out of nowhere. She was super happy to see us and told us ¨Hermana's I know I have my doubts but I am reading the Book of Mormon and I know that I will resolve my doubts from that and can you guys please come to my house tomorrow?¨ it was such an answer to prayers.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this. God´s timing and I just can´t believe how perfect it is. It blows my mind every time. I know that Nicolas was prepared and was put in our path perfectly. I know that there are ALWAYS people waiting for us but it is up to us to be ready to follow the spirit and find them. I am so happy to be a missionary and to see miracles literally every day. I hope that you guys can look for missionary opportunities in your lives every day. Love you all!!

Hermana Kleinman

Baptism of Nicolas Valenzuela and his mom and sister who came to the baptism and loved it. The mom is also searching for the true church.
the ward was pumped to see a baptism because it’s been since November think. wahooo!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 44 (April 11)

hahahaha it is starting to get realllll cold down here in Chile. 

Sorry this week was SO great and I don’t have time to tell you guys about it. I am the worst. Basically we have a miracle Nicolas and he is going to get baptized this week. 

We are still teaching the people who came to general conference and they are on track for their baptism date this month too. Dang it I’m so awkward. (They are on track). hahaha 

My companion Hermana Hopkins is going to send pictures and write a super good email so keep stalkin that blog of hers :)

I love you guys!!!


Hermana Kleinman

FYI Hermana Hopkins Blog is http://hermanahopkinschile.blogspot.com/

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 43 (April 4)

I hope that all of you watched every single one of the conference sessions. And if you did...watch them again. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD. I had written a bunch of questions for my life, for the family, for my investigators and for the mission and every single one was answered. One of my favorite talks was the family counsel one and the last one that Elder Holland gave. 

This week has been super interesting and super awesome. We have seen tons of miracles. So I am with Hermana Hopkins and she is from Colorado near Colorado Springs. She is the cutest thing in the world. And already speaks better Spanish than me so that’s nice. I don’t even feel like I am training her. I was walking one day and I was like you know what you are JUST like a Sullivan. And she was like waittttt I am related to Sullivan’s!! haha she is like a brookieboomboom I love it. 

Let me tell you about our living situation. We live in the nice apartments on the fifth floor and the view is incredible. SO COOL. And they are super nice too. We live with.....HERMANA RICH!!! My trainer in the mish. And she is training someone else named Hermana McGregor from Utah. It’s the best thing in the world. Four greengas conquering the world in Chile. But Hermana Rich is also a sister training leader. So this weekend she had to leave to Concepcion to go to meetings. So we were in a trio with my comp and with Hermana McGregor who has not even a week in the mission. It was so much fun hahaha.

We work in an area called Fundo el Carmen and the other Hermanas that we live with work in another sector but we are all in the same ward if that makes sense. It’s really big here. And it’s a ward. With like 130 people attending!!! yesssssss. I am so excited.

This week we were praying for the investigators that we have found that they could come to conference. We had this feeling that someone new and awesome was going to come. The night of Saturday Hermana McGregor contacted someone in the bus and the mom was awesome. She lives in our sector. In the morning of Sunday we had felt like calling this girl that the other Hermana had contacted in the bus. We did it and she was like yes I have time at 5! And we were like uhhhh perfect. We explained and invited her to conference and she said that she would come. We went to pick her up in between sessions and she brought her two little boys. She said that she felt really inspired and lots of the questions that she had were answered. On the bus back to our area she looked at us and said you know what Hermana’s....I think you guys really need to visit my mom. She lives alone and doesn’t have a religion. We were like obviously. And then my agenda accidentally got left on the bus. They found it and we ended up at their house and met her aunt and mom and they are the coolest people. I am so excited to work with them. 

We have a few other REALLY cool investigators that are miracles but that is the miracle that I wanted to tell you all about today. I am trying always to focus on the miracles and I am feeling that the hard things are going away. 

The rain started again this week. It hit us hard without umbrellas hahaha. I love Chile and I love this area. I AM SO EXCITED!

You guys sound great and I am thankful for the best fam bam in the whole entire world. Love you all.

Love Hermana Kleinman

PS Hermana Hopkins to the right of me, Hermana Rich and her comp Hermana McGregor