Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 49 (May 16) - Another Week Full of Miracles

I am going to start off by using a quote that either mom or dad sent me in the last weeks email. The miracles in my life are seeing miracles happen in other people’s life’s. I think that is how it went. I loved that and this week that was true times a million. The mission is filled with miracles every day. It really amazes me!

Our area is pretty big so we have to work in sectors or else we waste time walking from cita to cita. 

My companion Hermana McGregor is AWESOME. Seriously. I keep lucking out with the best companions in the world. This is her second exchange in the mission and she is already such a dang good missionary. We started running in the mornings and my legs are feeling it haha. We made a few goals this cambio and it is going to be a great cambio.

I just want to tell you guy’s briefly about a few of the miracles that we have seen.

One day our citas fell through and so we felt like knocking a street. We started at the top and two houses in, we entered in the gate, knocked and a woman opened. She started and said to come in! We got talking and she told us that her dad had passed away 3 weeks ago. She said she was needing peace and comfort in her life. We taught her a little, the spirit was so strong, she cried a little and we went back a few days later to teach her. Her daughter was there and we shared the restoration. Her daughter said that she had already heard this message and already prayed and she knew that it was true. They rolled up on their motor scooter to church on Sunday. haha they are SO awesome but what is cool is that the mom told us that normally to people like us she shuts the door and tells them that she is occupied. She said that she had felt something different with us when she looked at us and that is why she let us in.

Another cool guy, we knocked his door and he talked a ton. We found out tons about him and you could literally see him change throughout this lesson. SO COOL. We went back today and he had told us that these past few days he has felt something different in his life. More peace than ever. He also told us that the only reason he let us in is because he felt something different when he looked at us.

We found someone really awesome last night too. We knocked and she opened and guys are Mormons?...come in!!. Then she went on to tell us how Mormons kept popping up in her life and she wants to know everything about us.

It happened a few other times where people just let us in because they could see something different.

 I absolutely love being a missionary and more than that being a member of this church. People can see a difference in us because there is a difference in us. Nothing is better than knowing that I represent Jesus Christ every day.

Love you all so much and remember how lucky you are to be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I hope I spelled that right in English. It’s been a while.

Hermana Kleinman

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