Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 34 (January 25)

Weellll this week was another cool week here in the mission. We found new people to teach and taught a bunch of lessons.

We had interviews with President Bluth and It was just what i needed. I love him and Hermana Bluth so much. Then we had this worldwide conference with allllll of the 75,000 missionaries in the world!! it was SOOOO GOOD SO GOOD. They talked about the basics of everything and how we need to baptize converts. It was really good and we received tons of revelation for our sector.

We have changes in two weeks and My comp is going to leave for sure because she has 6 months here so I will probably stay. Super cool though because I love Gorbea. We have tons of people to teach and it’s stressful but a good stressful. .

Isidro has changed so much and had his interview yesterday and is going to get baptized this Saturday. woohooo!! 

I don’t have lots of time sorry and the internet isn’t really working for me but I love you all so much!! 
Shout out to the Bagley’s for their package to me!! Best ever!

Hermana Kleinman

Here is a pic of some of the fruits that don’t exist anywhere but here. These are called avericocus. SOOOO GOOD. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 33 (January 18) God exists. Seriously

First I just want to tell you all how cool Gorbea is in Chile. Really. The other night I couldn’t sleep and I was looking out our window and then I got so scared because I saw a bunch of green little lights. I then woke up my comp because I thought we were going to get attacked or something. She was like really..... those are fireflies!!!  But really we have fireflies in our backyard how cool is that? 

There are also fruits here that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. There are these things that look like grapes but are mini plums. My new favorite things ever. 

Every day we walk around I am SO happy because there are flowers and fruit everywhere. I am living the dream to be honest.

Listen to this sweet experience that we had today and tell me that God doesn´t exist. We found this family recently and we were planning inspired questions to ask them for a lesson. My companion started crying and was like I know exactly what she is going to say (the mom) in the lesson. I know this because they are our friends that we needed to find together!! Then she told me a story about how she was praying if she should go on a mission or not. She had a dream and I guess in her dream she was planning for a lesson with a companion with blonde hair and I guess what I said while we were planning was exactly what the companion in her dream said. The dream goes on to the lesson and she dreamt what the mom was going to say. The day after her dream she knew that she had to go on a mission to be companions with the comp in her dream and to find this family. And she has been waiting her whole mission to find this family.

We went to the lesson and to be honest I was thinking what the. My comp is a little crazy. We had the lesson and the mom said EXACTLY what my companion told me what she was going to say. I started crying in the lesson. The spirit was so strong and I can’t really even begin to describe this experience. The mom then went on to tell us that she feels like she has known us both for a long long time. Ah I have chills just thinking about this experience.

It turns out that when my comp had this dream that’s when I started feeling like I needed to serve a mission. 
I love the mission. I love knowing that God loves all of his children and his timing for everything is PERFECT and everything really does happen for a reason. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else but here in Chile.

Love you all. I pray for you all every day!!

Also shout out to Bishop Rowley!!!! That is so exciting!! Sad about his dog but he and sister Rowley are going to be such awesome mish presidents

Sorry I am writing again and I know I talk about Irene who is reading the BOM too much but she just called us to make sure that we have read the Book of Mormon today and shared a scripture that she learned from her studies today. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 32 (January 11)

This week had its ups and downs like all weeks but I am trying and learning to focus myself on the ups. When I focus on the Ups the downs don’t even seem bad at all.

My companion got really really really sick this week. She has a virus in her stomach from a couple of months ago that came back to life. So we missed a few days of working. Then our President of our Branch came for a day and told us that he wants us to be in charge of the church while he goes back up north to work and that we need to plan the activities and things like that. It´s cool because he has tons of confidence in us but also just lots to do here!!. But that’s good right? We are always busy. I learned a lot of patience this week, how to look at the ups, and how prayers are always answered. 

I was praying so hard that my companion would feel better and finally she did!!! Miguel (the recent convert) left with us one day to go to our citas. He is soooo awesome. Seriously golden. And it’s perfect because he has 70 years and so do all of our investigators. When he shares his testimony of baptism it’s so powerful and the spirit is always so strong. He received the priesthood and passed the sacrament this past Sunday too!! 
Isidro is doing really good he has another baptismal date for this month. 


We had our gospel principles class and an elder was there teaching and he asked everyone in the room their favorite thing to do and Irene (our investigator) said to read the Book of Mormon. It was so awesome.
It was really cool to see how even though my comp has had lots of health issues, we were still able to see a ton of success and miracles this week. 

We are reading the Book of Mormon together as a mission with the question of how can we bring more souls unto Christ? And it’s actually crazy at how much revelation you can receive when you read with one question in your mind while reading the Book of Mormon and not 5000 questions. 

I am so thankful for my family, for this gospel and for the principles that I learn from the Book of Mormon every single day. I am so thankful that I am in Chile and getting to have the experiences that I am having.

Love you all!!


Hermana Kleinman

PS mom I am glad that you are doing well with your throat. Love you!! Praying for you!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 31 (January 4)

First off....congrats to the new baby Madeline!!! She is SO cute. And congrats to Brent and Clara!!! I have another amazing sister in law woohoo!! Exciting things in the good old 480.

This week has been really random but also really awesome. I learned more this week I think than any other week in my mission.

We got permission from President to ride bicycles here in Gorbea!!! Best thing of my life. Seriously. It made things about 60000 times faster. I also have never been so tired in my life. We rode to this one pueblo a little far and i was so surprised when people let us in their house because we were so worked. 

We also have a bunch of new things that our mission is changing. Normally our key indicators are contacts, lessons with member, new people, and investigators in the church. Now we are only going to count lessons with member, new people, and investigators in the church with a baptismal date. I think it’s going to help our mission a ton. 

Isidro didn’t get baptized. Long story but he has a doubt so in a few weeks.

Irene (our investigator) was sitting by me at church during fast and testimony meeting and she told me that she feels like she needs to get up and say something but she’s too nervous. I told her just to do it. So she gets up and she bore her testimony about how she has seen miracles in her life and it is all thanks to this gospel. She also said I have seen a ton of other churches but I know that God is only in this one. Hahaha a little palo is what we call that one. She is so awesome.

ALSO MIRACLE WITH GUIDO!!!! He is the dad of the familia fica who we eat with a lot and he is the only one in the fam who isn’t a member. The night before New Year’s Eve we had free and we were allowed to eat with a family and celebrate. We ate with their family and we went around the table and said our best moment of 2015. He said that his was getting to know this church and he now realizes that it is perfect and he is going to get baptized. I couldn’t believe my ears. I love their family so much.

These are just a few of my favorite parts of this week out of hundreds. I love you all so much and thanks for everything that you guys do for me.

Love you all the way from Chile!


Hermana Kleinman

pretty Gorbea and my bike. Ps i was using pants because it's pday

We ate a lamb that I watched get killed. and this is Hermana Rowden

my comp the MAQUINA Moran and our bikes. good times