Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 4 (June 30, 2015)

HI! This week was probably my favorite and fastest week here yet! Not my favorite because it was my fastest haha but many other reasons that I will get to. So dad there is no gym here we get to leave the MTC every morning and we run to this park that is about a half mile away I would say. We usually play soccer with all of the elders and it is super fun. The people of Chile join in our games all of the time (little kids, teenagers, you name it). Or there is usually a game of basketball going on. Luke Worthington is here from BYU basketball so it is hilarious to see all of the tiny short Chileans play basketball with him. To answer more of your questions dad, we have Spanish classes mixed in with teaching classes every day and it is a different schedule most of the days which is nice but it is still repetitive. Learning lots though! The teachers here are unreal and so amazing. one of them (my personal favorite) Hermano Pino. The coolest guy! He plays about every instrument and can beat box like none other. His story is super cool because he had the choice to be on the national Chilean soccer team or serve a mission and he served a mission and has some pretty cool stories. He gives the best lessons and is just super smart in the gospel. I definitely look up to him! it is Copa America time and it is being held in Chile. it is like the world cup of south America and Chile won last night so they are going to the finals!! Presidente Doll is going to let us watch the game on Saturday how cool is that?¡ the fans are crazy and I think I told you guys that we see them outside of our window all of the time. It is so fun here. Every morning there are about 5 thousand bikers honestly and i have almost gotten hit by so many. Woops. Still alive though. Our presidents are so cool. Once every two weeks all of the elders get together and have a tie exchange and then the Hermana have a party and Hermana Doll makes us cake and ice-cream. This MTC is so personal I feel like. All the teachers are so attentive to your needs and it’s great. We have been kind of going crazy because who wouldn’t from sitting in a classroom allllll day? But life here is awesome.

Sister Marquez was here the other morning trying to find me mom and dad!!! How cool is that? I am going to email her and president says that she can come see me so that is super awesome.

I had some sweet spiritual experiences this week. Too many to type but mom I wrote you a letter about one of them that I think you will love. The temple this last week was SO awesome. Favorite session that I have ever done. They do it in Spanish here and then you listen to it in English with headphones. But this week since there are so many North Americans here now they did an all English session which was cool. We get to listen to devotionals on video every week and this week we watched the famous one by elder Holland about salvation isn’t cheap so we as missionaries need to give it our all. SO awesome and I love Elder Holland. What a powerful speaker!! But something cool that I do want to share with you guys is my talk experience. So you know how we have to write a Spanish talk every week right? Well this week it was on repentance. The first thought that came into my head was great. I am definitely speaking because I can’t even pronounce repentance in Spanish. well as I was writing my talk I kept having this feeling to share a certain story on repentance but I kept just brushing it off because I didn’t really want to and I didn’t know how to say most of the words so I was lazy and didn’t want to look them up basically. The morning of Sunday I had this strong feeling to write my experience in my talk and again I just brushed it off. As we were sitting in sacrament, a voice told me heather you are speaking and need to share your experience. So then right after sacrament was over they announced the speakers. Sure enough I was the last Hermana out of the 3 that were chosen to speak. I was so nervous because of my bad Spanish and the fact that I was feeling bad for not listening to the spirit to put my experience in. as I was sitting on the stand again I had the feeling to just trust in my Spanish and share the experience. So I got up to speak and said my talk and before I bore my testimony I started to share my experience and the words literally came to my mouth. I don’t even know how and I didn’t even write them down. It was soooooo cool. later that night this elder came up to me and gave me a note that basically said my experience in my talk that I shared helped him with what he is going through and he had been praying for the whole MTC for an answer to his struggles. This gospel is amazing and so unbelievably cool. I am glad that I was able to listen to the spirit finally and help someone out. I learned my lesson though that it is better to just listen the first time. I love being a missionary and I love you all!! Thanks for all you guys do for me and you are all in my prayers!!


Hermana Kleinman

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 3 (June 23, 2015)

hola! this week was a blast. 

so first let me begin with pday. we went to a liters it is like the Chilean Walmart and we bought a few and maybe too many snacks for the week so that we can survive the food here. ALSO HAPPY LATE FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU FATHERS OUT THERE!! and happiest fathers day to you dad!! i am convinced you are the greatest dad out there. and thanks for the snacks at liters...

We explored Chile and found the cutest little bakery ever. and the best best pastries ever!!! it was a good day. i had a ton of gringo moments. whenever i say something to a Chilean and then i think in my head, gringo detected. but my Spanish is improving by leaps and bounds so thanks for any prayers that have come my way. today we get to go to the temple again and i cannot wait!

my district is way cool i think i have mentioned that before. ill send a picture of them. one kid has the same personality as Taylor and it cracks me up! but we were getting sooo unfocused and not progressing a whole ton so one day we totally switched out attitude and things have been so much better and i feel like ever since then i have been able to learn a whole ton more. 5 new districts came and so the CCM is packed now. it is kinda crazy. we had to say bye to the other districts who left and it was sad!! cant get attached to anyone in the mission though right because it is going to be a year and a half full of goodbyes. but really it is so fun here and spiritual. mom you were definitely right about that one. we have been doing weird things to entertain ourselves like your pranks that you told me about that you pulled in the mtc mom hahaha. we made our teachers do soy sauce shots if we got a Spanish sentence right. things like that. so weird but so entertaining.

we have been improving teaching and we just practice all of the time lately. it is great! We watched the video on the life of Thomas s Monson and you guys should alllll watch it. so good. but i dogged the bullet for giving a talk again. no but even this kid got up and he could barely speak any Spanish and he has been here longer than me but i love how strong you can still feel the spirit even though someone isn't speaking the perfect language. i love it. 

hmm what else happened. oh yeah mom i singed a huge hole into my skirt with the iron. i need your skills and obviously need to work on mine!! i am so jealous that you guys get to have lola with you for months. i miss dogs. there are so many here but i cant touch them because there is a change of getting rabies which is so dumb!! i love it here though so dang much. there was a quote from Elder Bednar that said something about how you are called to serve the people in your mission and also your companions. i know that i was put with  my comps for a reason and i know that i am in this specific mission for a reason. i love you all!! thanks for being the greatest. 

CHAO! (they dont use adios here)
hermana kleinman

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 2 (June 16, 2015)

Chile is probably my new favorite place. so great because this is the only MTC in the world that lets you go out and explore on pdays. last week we got to spend a few hours in the city. the city is so cute and charming and it reminds me of Europe!! the bread here is out of this world. i´d compare it to France. we tried some empanadas from some random little place and that probably was a bad idea but they tasted yummy. dad you would be so proud of me knowing the foods that i am trying here! the people are super nice here and everyone says hi to you. our room if you look out the window you can see the tallest building in south america so thats pretty cool. it is sooooo cold here in the morning and it doesn't get light until 8 am so we get to sleep in a little later. props of Chileeee. we got to go to the temple last pday and it was beautiful! the celestial room looked just like the Gilbert temple to me but a small version so i felt a little piece of home. the temple was just what i needed. calmed all my stresses and this week has been unreal and so good. i was super stressed about the language the first week but i heard a quote that says ¨if you are going to put your faith in God then you need to put your faith in his timing¨´ i realllyyyy like that quote because i just realized that i will learn the language as long as i am doing all that i can do and i am mainly in the mtc to learn how to teach anyways. me and my companions are learning to teach super well together. it is kinda hard to teach in a trio but i think we rock it and we are learning sooooososososo much every day! it is cool because the fake investigators that we teach are actually real people that our teachers taught in the mission field so it makes it feel more real. this week FLEW by. so fast. my district is so much fun. we are all the best of the best friends and sometimes its a negative because we can´t focus but i think of it more of a blessing. i cant even begin to tell you guys how much i love it here!! sundays here are my favorite day for sure. my spiritual bucket gets filled so much and carries throughout the week. we each have to prepare a short talk in Spanish every week and then during sacrament Presidente doll announces random people to give their talks. haha kinda scary but i came off free this week. i feel like i have learned more in these two weeks than most of my life. copa america (the soccer tournament) is going on right now here in Santiago so every night you can here everyone getting ready and crazy for the game while we are studying in our classroom haha. oh my gosh the fruit here is either so gross or SOOOO good. i live off of it. i feel like i am living the life. we get out laundry done for us and we come home to cookies a lot of the nights from our Presidents wife.we had to say bye to a few districts last night but more are coming tomorrow. it is weird to be the not newbies anymore!! i did feel like the people who had been here for just a few weeeks more than me were so much older but now we are going to be the older ones. seriously i love being a missionary though. every day when i wake up and get to put my tag on it is so great. i can feel all of your prayers so thank you!! i love you all. keep being awesome and go to the temple! 

Companions (Hermana Jacobson and Hermana Freedman) And Classroom

Enjoying PDay in Santiago Chile with Companions

Riding in a Cab with Hermana Freedman

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 1

HOLAA!! so much to tell and so little time! let me just explain the MTC here. it is so pretty here. the mtc is tiny and there are only 49 missionaries here right now. my MTC presidents are so awesome and i feel like i have known them forever. my companions (i am in a trio!!) are the same way and we are already super close. there names are Hermana Jacobson from Santan Arizona and Hermana Freedman from Provo Utah. the MTC is like ten feet away from the temple and it is beautiful. there are three floors. the first two are for people who travel from parts of south america to attend the temple and the third floor is where we sleep! there is a different building for the cafeteria and for our classrooms. we get to go to this park a few blocks away every morning and its the best! my companions are runners so we run lots every morning and it starts our day off right. then we hit the classrooms. i have learned so much here! the food is not my favorite and definitely does not sit well with my stomach haha. my district is SO awesome and i am seriously so impressed by the 18 year old elders here and how strong each and everyone of their testimonies are. all of my teachers are Chileans so they really are helping us learn the Chilean way of Spanish and it is super helpful. i love it here so much!!! cool story. so the third day we were here we had to contact our first fake investigator. my Spanish is terrible right now but i had a prompting to tell him that we could come in and help him organize his furniture, he wasn't letting us in but somehow after i said that he let us in and we are teaching him now!! im glad that Spanish comes to me sometimes but most of the time it doesn't. embarrassing story. all the latinos ask you like como estas and i always so muy bueno instead of muy bien because everyone says muy bien and i wanted to spice it up ya know! come to find out, that basically means in Chile like I'am feeling sexy! hahahaha i am embarrassed for life for sure for sure. anyways i am out of time and this hour to email went by too quick. it is so spiritual here and life is so happy here. i realized this week of how important this work is!!! i love it here honestly. really really long days but short hours. i get to go explore Chile for a few hours and then i get to go to the temple!! i love you all so much!!! 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

i made it!!!! it is SO pretty here and the CCM presidents are awesome. super small. i think there are only like 18 missionaries here. i really need to work on my Spanish because i feel awkward not knowing what people are saying to me but i am so excited!!! the mtc here is literally 10 feet away from the temple! love you!!! write you later either on tuesday or wednesday 


hermana kleinman