Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 59 (July 25)

So remember Johnathon and his brother? the sons of Mirium. they are on schedule for their baptism this Sunday!! wahhoooo! we were able to work with them a lot this week. It is awesome to see the change in Johnathon who was so hard hearted at first. we called him last night and he said that he is super happy because he went to church today. 

We had interviews with president may and his wife. they are AWESOME. I am so excited to have them in our mission. I was able to received tons of counsel and revelation that I needed. He asked me a question about our Savior, Jesus Christ. He first asked me how my relationship is with my Savior and how have I been able to strengthen my relationship recently. It really helped me think about a lot of things. And now I want to ask you guys to do the same thing. How is your relationship with the Savior and how are you working to continually strengthen your relationship with him?

I love you all, and I love my Savior.


Hermana Kleinman

my comps first american hamburger!!!  

Using umbrellas are kind of pointless here hahhaa. it rains sideways so if you want to be protected you have to hold the umbrella sideways

We had a family home evening with Johnathan and Leo and one of my favorite families in Chile. actually one of the daughters, her spouse is from mesa Arizona and she is going back in January!! it will be fun to keep in touch with this family.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 58 (July 18)

My companion is teaching me how to speak in Guarani. It’s the second language in Paraguay!! It’s so much fun!

But this week was rockin. Jose is still progressing, he couldn’t come to church because he was super super sick. Everyone is sick here. And what’s weird is that it is winter break here like we have two weeks in December? But they have it in July! But he is doing awesome.
Our investigator Jonathon, he came to church on Sunday again. During the week we had challenged him to baptism a few times and he said no. he told us on Sunday that he feels so so happy and so much peace in his life right now. We had a lesson after church in front of the baptism font and he accepted a baptism date!!! We challenged him and he said ¨¨yes!¨¨ wahooo!!! It’s crazy to see the changes in his life in these past two weeks. The ward is excited to help these three brothers and to help so that the whole family can be converts.

We are doing a challenge with our zone and we have to do different things every day of the week. It’s something to motivate to complete goals and be animated. But one day we had to contact with food and find new people to teach. We made cookies the night before and contacted with them at houses and in the street. haha it was so much fun and I was so surprised that people actually wanted to eat homemade food from 2 foreigners. We found the cutes grandma ever.

I love you guys so much and really do pray for each and every one of you every night. I wouldn’t trade anything for what I am doing right now. 

PS. Mom thanks for your letter to my comp!! Your Spanish is so good!!! Mixed with a little Italian haha you guys are the best. Really.

Love, your favorite missionary in the world

Hermana Kleinman

Here are some pics

They say Once here for their dinner. It’s a Chilean thing

The million cookies that we contacted with
The cute grandma that we found contacting with cookies

annd we had an intercambio and I was with Hermana Lopez de peru and we left with one of my converts Javiera!! so much fun

Hermana Lopez turned 23!!
We found the cutest house in the campo. Two men live there from Germany hahah random

This is our sector. The map in our room it’s huge. It takes like 20 minutes in micro the small buses to go from one end to the other

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 57 - (July 11) - I climed A Snowy Mountain

this computer is not super high functioning.

but this week WAS SO GOOD DANG. we have been kind of struggling helping the new investigators come to church so we have been praying super hard for inspiration. we thought of a few members and assigned them to the people we want to come for sure for sure. and it was awesome. the members came and committed to walk a few investigators to church. (there aren’t many members with cars)

but I want to update you guys on Jose Ramirez. super cool. he called us this week and said Hermanas!! I have been doing my prayers like you guys said I needed to do and I received some answers. he told us to come over the next night. the next night he then told us that he made a promise with God and God completed. He smokes a lot and doesn’t well didn’t have work. He said a prayer and he told us that in his prayer he told God that if he stops smoking and starts doing the right things he wants to find work. Two days later he found work!!!! he was so excited and we had planned to teach the word of wisdom that day. it was perfect! he accepted and hasn’t smoked since. MIRACLE. we have a service project to go and clean his house so it can smell better and he won’t have as much temptation. but another thing about him. he came to church on Sunday!! and there was a man from another ward there that day. the man told us that he had felt an impression to come to our ward that Sunday but he didn’t know why. he came and it turns out that he is one of Jose Ramirez´s super close friends!!! soooooooooooooo cool. the holy ghost rocks. he is going to accompany us this week to visit Jose. Jose is on track for his baptism.

One of Mirirum´s son (Jonathon) we found him one day when she wasn’t there. he told us that he is super closed off to God right now because he is mad at him and we had a lesson really spiritual and you could see him change a little throughout the lesson. he came to church on Sunday with his brothers and loved it!!! he told us the first visit that he would NEVER pray and our lesson on Saturday he said the closing prayer!! I love seeing the holy ghost work miracles in the lives of people. it’s something that I hope I can see for the rest of my life because it will never get old.

Our reference Manuel is doing awesome. he is scared to come to church so we have plans with him to do a tour and all that this week so that he can come this weekend.

We are doing something that I have never done before in my mission and it is working super well. After every lunch with the members we are teaching the restoration in 5 minutes. we tell them to think of one of their friends who isn’t a member and they have to play their role. we taught them and then we ask them what can we do better. they tell us and we commit to get better at teaching and they committed to bringing their nonmember friend to the next lunch. ha-ha it was fun and worked super well.

This week has been freezing. today for our activity of zone we went and hiked a volcano!! it was soooooooooooo pretty. snowing so hard so you couldn’t even see the volcano. ha-ha we got to the top after climbing for 3 hours. it was like Camble back Mountain but 20 times longer. and snowy. We got to the top with our zone and we broke into an abandoned house to eat lunch. hahaha it was so fun.

love you guys all so much!!! enjoy the sun for me and i will enjoy the snow for you all. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and loves all of you. john 16:33. and I know that we can only have peace through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Hermana Kleinman

I forgot to tell yall. i met our new president. President May. SO COOL. really. ill tell more details the next week. gotta go teach some lessons. 

these are the Hermana’s that I live with
my little companion
The national tree of Chile and I thought it was so pretty with snow
and our zone!! one of my zone leaders (Elder Johnson) is from mesa. small world right?

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 56 - (July 4)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! I hope that you all are enjoying America right now!!

This week was awesome. We went and had a visit with Manuel (who requested the book of Mormon and missionaries) annnddd it was the coolest lesson ever! Seriously. he explained to us that he has actually been waiting 2 years to get a book of Mormon in his hands and that one time he saw that his coworker had one and he asked to borrow it but she said no because she hadn’t finished. haha don’t ever do that. Ever!! He said that he knows that what we have to tell him is something important because something always comes up when we put a visit with him. He told his family that he was going to meet with the Mormons and they started saying no we worship the devil and all that good stuff. But he explained that he knew that was just opposition, he was SO happy to have a book of Mormon in his hands!! He works on Sunday we found out when we invited him but he said that he is going to change his schedule so that he can start coming to church. Really a miracle. He moves at the beginning of august so we are going to work hard and help him to get baptized before he moves.

We also had another really cool lesson with one of our new investigators Jose. We taught him the book of Mormon and at the end we asked him now what does this book mean to him and he looked at us and said well the truth! No other church has this book so for me it means the truth. It was a special moment.

We are teaching also someone whose name is Miriam and she has 7 kids. She has had a really hard life and was looking for the truth when we knocked her door. Every time we go we find one of her kids and are able to teach them! They told us that we are getting to each and every one and Miriam was pretty happy about that. Super cute.

We are seeing miracles here in Chile through the hard times but we are trying our best and i know that God is going to bless his children here. My comp was really sick this week but is a lot better after lots of prayers and blessings.

Hahahaha funny story really quick. It has to do with a creepy man again. so we knocked this one neighborhood one night but it has a guard. We didn’t know that we couldn’t knock it and we found some really awesome people. We walked out and the guard stopped us and asked us if we were knocking. We said yes and he told us not to do it again and he warned us that if we do it again he will kiss us for every door we knock. We assured him that we won’t know one more door there. Gross. Long story short I changed companions and we contacted a reference there and he went with us. The reference wasn’t there and so I started walking away really fast knowing that he was going to try and kiss us but I forgot to tell my comp and I looked back and he had grabbed her hand and kissed it hahaha it was terrible. I yelled at him in the best missionary way and we ran. Mom and dad get ready to kiss lots of people here because that is there custom.

know that there is a missionary who is praying for all of you down here in freezing chile!

love you all so much!!!

Hermana Kleinman

This is my sector Temuco and Miriam with her grandkids!