Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 77 - (November 28) - 18 Months Ouch!!!!

Yesterday in church I was super sad because we had the coolest lesson with our investigator Pilar and her son Felipe. about the restoration and sealing with the priesthood authority to her husband and other son who died a few years back and she is so excited. she told us she would be at church at 10 but didn’t show up. we had our class of relief society until 11 and still didn’t show up or answer. we had our class of gospel principles and it was at the very end and I was devastated bc still didn’t show up. during the final prayer in that class I was praying so hard that she would come before sacrament. all the sudden our phone started vibrating and it was Pilar!!! when the prayer was over we called her but she didn’t answer. I said to my comp hey Pilar is here let’s go let her in the front and she was like wait your crazy she didn’t answer!! but we ran to the front and sure enough Pilar and her son walked in the gates. I started crying from pure happiness. The talks in sacrament were PERFECT on the authority and temples. She loved loved it. I feel like she really is one of my friends that I promised in the life before this one that i would bring her the restored gospel.

In these 18 months, I have been able to learn SO much. I am so grateful for the mission because it really has changed my life. I was talking with one of my companions one time about our mission purpose and she taught me something that marked me forever. she taught me that our purpose is to invite others to COME unto Christ and not invite others to GO to Christ. In order to invite others to COME unto Christ we have to be where he is and do what he would do if he were here. That changed my perspective on everything. I began to analyze what I needed to change and give up of my bad habits so that I could be closer to where Christ is. I have been blessed to witness miracles on my mission in the lives of others that have changed me. I have been able to grow closer to and know my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ through the scriptures and through the rough and happy times here in Chile. I could never ever deny the fact that God lives and this is his church. I know that his plan is perfect and I know that this life would be so hard and impossible without our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I know that what Joseph Smith said is true that a man would draw closer to God with the Book of Mormon more than any other book in the world. I know this is true because I have seen it change so many people’s lives as it has changed mine. I know that this Gospel brings joy and fills the needs whatever need that someone might have. I am so grateful for every minute of these 18 months and for every Chilean that I have met. The members here inspire me and I am so grateful for them also. I am thankful for you fambam and for everything that you guys have done for me. I love you all.


Hermana Kleinman

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 76 - (November 21)

What an amazing week. and how fast.

So updates. Nora and her husband had visits all week so we couldn’t see them but tomorrow! and with Miriam, she is awesome. we had a super special lesson with her about the book of Mormon, keeping the commandments and living the word of wisdom. I love how you can tie literally every lesson together. but she has been reading every night and she sais that she feels happier and happier. she came to church on Sunday and the members LOVE her. She told us at the end and said “Hermanas I feel like I am filled. I feel like I found MY place finally!!¨ We are praying that she can stop smoking and thinking of more ways to help her. 

I gave a talk on Sunday about the word conversion. I used you as my example mom and the millions of ways that you share the gospel. everyone told me after that they have goals to be more like the mom of Hermana Kleinman haha. But last night we did a zone attack in our zone leaders sector (we share our ward with them and another pair of elders) and we did it for 3 hours but these hours they shut the door on us every second so we had ten minutes left and we said a prayer to find someone ready. We said the prayer and then went and contacted such a cute family and we all saw a house (with a recent convert) and said THAT house. We knocked it and the member knew the woman inside!!! she let us in and we had such a powerful short lesson. The woman (another nora) accepted a baptism date and she is amazing. I am so excited to see her progress with the elders. It was another testimony for me that Gods timing is absolutely perfect. She told us that yesterday she was thinking that she needed to get closer to God in her life and a few hours later we knocked her door. 

We had an intercambio this week (my last one.) and we ate lunch with their bishop. We were talking about seeing people with Gods eyes and trying to see the potential that every child of God has. That’s one thing that I am so grateful for in the mission. learning that. That every single person in the world has huge potential and we can be the hands of God to help them reach their potential. I love this Gospel and I am so thankful for my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I am thankful for all of you and I am going to finish with the words of President may that he sent to us that are finishing the mission. “I am praying for every single one of you that you won’t be trunky.” hahaha such a great man. 

hermana kleinman

the view of our apartment  

my Arizonian Hermana Nielson!!

 hna calderon our intercambio

cute teeth no?

this family lives next to a farm its aweseomeeeeeeeeeee

The family Cruz (mom and dad your future friends) they have the prettiest garden AND mapuche chickens and they gave us a million eggs. Its like the Cherokee in Arizona is what mapuche is. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 75 - (November 14)

So this week we were able to see some of the fruits of our work the first two weeks in this area. and i want to touch on two of the miracles that we could see together.

So we left with a member to go to a few visits with future investigators. they weren’t in there house so we were like yeah we are here for a reason lets find people. the member saw a cute grandma and said her!! We ran to here before she entered and basically just walked into her house hahaha. Her name is Miriam. She is the cutest lady in the whole entire world. We taught her a little bit about the church because she lives right behind but never has gone. we left her with the restoration to read and the second visit she had read the whole thing and loved it!!!! we challenged her for baptism and she accepted. the next day she went to a baptism of the elders in our ward and loved loved it. she is super ready. 

We had found a lady our first week here named Nora. she told us that she goes to lots of churches because she thinks it’s a good thing but she told us that she might go to ours in the far future. So we couldn’t find her for a few days and finally we put a visit with her this last weekend. we called to confirm and she cancelled so we invited her to church obviously. she said thanks but no. 25 minutes later she called us back and said hermanas i felt something after our phone call and i want to go to your church on Sunday so we were like YES okay we will pick you up. (pick you up with our feet and walk with you hahaha) but we got to her house on sunday and her husband (YES they are married!!!!!) was getting ready because he wanted to go also. They stayed all of the three hours and LOVED it. They are excited to learn more. 

I am learning a lot about working with dilligance every hour of everyday EVERYDAY. Because I feel like we have been doing this and the miracles are coming. lots of them. We are in a ward of gold. I love the hour of power dad and I think that we are going to try and start to do that here. We are starting a book of Mormon challenge with the relief society and every week we are going to pray about who should it be and that lucky one has to write her testimony in the BofM and has to give it to someone in that week and the next Sunday she gets to share her testimony about her experience and the BofM will rotate every week with someone new. It’s going to be awesome.

Have the best week and remember that Hermana Kleinman loves you


Hermana Keinman

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 74 - (November 7)

So let me tell you a little miracle in the dream life i am living here in Los Angeles. One day we left lunch early so we said a prayer to know where we should knock. we looked on our map and felt like we should knock this one street San Cristobal. We knocked and people rejected and rejected. We kept knocking and finally this woman with an eye patch opened the door. She said ohhhhh I know you guys and we started testifying to her. It was super-duper hot outside and so she said come in for some water!! We walked in and she starts telling us how she was just thinking that she needed to get closer to God right before we knocked her door. we put an appointment and went a few days later. We sat down a few days later and she invited her two sons to come. We started with a prayer the usual and all of the sudden she tells us that she is a member but relay less active. But she told us that a lot of elders have passed by and she has been waiting to feel how she was feeling to let them in and baptize her kids. But she didn’t feel it until we knocked her door that day. Wow right. So she bears this powerful testimony of the church and her son one of them has 15 years and she goes yeah I really want to learn from you guys. So we are pumped to teach this family.

The first person we talked to here, his name is Marco. He goes hey Helders! Haha (they all call us the Hermana elders it’s so funny) he told us to pass by his house bc his wife is a member. We passed by finally this week and guess how little the world is....the elder that baptized his wife Sonya was Brad Mortenson!!!!! They were SO SO excited when they heard that I know Brad and Cheyenne and Brecken Hahahaha. Marco still hasn’t taken the step to be baptized so we are helping him with that.

I absolutely LOVE this ward. there are so many members here and recent converts that have inspired me so much. i love the members of Chile. They are SO helpful. 

We had a conference of Hermanas with Hermana May and to try on pants. The Hermanas in my mission in the future months are all going to have pants. I didn’t have to do it. Hahaha


Hermana Kleinman


Conference of Hermanas in the north

The Mormon temple

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 73 - (October 31)

This week was insane. literally. 

So we got to our sector on Tuesday and got to the nicest house or apartment I have ever seen in my mission. Actually its like a hotel. We have workers to serve us at the door every time we walk in haha I feel like a princess. AND OUR VIEW!!! amazing. the picture with my breakfast burrito is the view we study with every morning (note pictures won’t open she will fix them next email). I am in the best last area EVER. Can you say blessed? Completely.

Well we looked at our area book and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing. Haha sooooo this week we have been focusing on finding. We have found a lot of good people and its awesome to just be led completely by the Holy Ghost. But I have some awesome stories. I’ll have to tell you out of my journal in a few weeks because I have to go.

But we had an open chapel and it was awesome. It’s where we invite everyone from outside and they come in and we give them a tour from banners and at the end there are two elders dressed in white in front of a filled baptism font and they challenge them to baptism. But we invited a man to come and we taught him in our tour and at the end he asked us so how can I be baptized into your church. We led him into the baptismal font and he accepted a date. He is awesome. The spirit was so strong. there are so many people ready!! We just have to find them.

Love You All!!

Hermana Kleinman​