Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 48 - (May 9) The awkard moment when your sister becomes your daughter

So I have a good four minutes to express some feelings for this week. First off. Thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday!!! Love you all!! And sorry I will reply to the rest next week.

We found out our transfers this morning and it was superrrrrr weird and crazy again!! So I and Hermana Hopkins are leaving haha they are whitewashing fundo but lucky for the missionaries who are coming in because we left it in tip top shape with investigators of gold with baptism dates wahoo! I am just switching rooms in our apartment and going to the sector right next door to finish Hermana McGregor’s training! She is from Utah and she is so dang cute, I am so excited. I will still be in the same ward but just in a different sector. This one is called LincanRay and it’s absolutely huge with tons of hills. I think that God is trying to tell me that I need to get back into shape. But it will be nice because I can help the missionaries who are whitewashing fundo with investigators and stuff. But that was a surprise I am so excited to stay but not stay. 

Ginette yes is the mother of Nicolas and SHE IS SO AWESOME. She was sitting next to me and goes hey I feel something. I feel like I need to get up and share my thoughts (during fast and testimony meeting) and she gets up and tells everyone ¨¨├» know that I am not a member yet but on May 21st I am going to baptize me into this church because I know that it is true. I have been searching for the correct church for years and I know that God sent me the missionaries so that I could get the Book of Mormon and find this gospel. We went to her house last night to teach her about fasting and tithing and she told us that she had been fasting all day long because she heard that is what you are supposed to do. Her husband listened to us for the second time and I know that their whole family is going to get baptized in the next few months. I love them. I am sad to not be able to go and teach them but I am happy that I get to see them at church.

I am so grateful for you guys and love you all!

PS dad we ALWAYS have weird experiences like the lion rawrr don’t worry. 
Something random. We always count how many people are named Juan. We call them Juantactos like a contacto or contact but when their name is Juan hahaha I think I had like 300 this cambio really.


Hermana Kleinman

so my district leader bought me a cake

thats our zone and hermana mcgregor is in there wahhoooo

everyone always tells me i look like laura ingles from little house on the prarie so we found a little house on the prarie and when they tell me that we say yes!!! then we show them this picture hahaha

and i am going to miss hermana hopkins. picture unintentionally taken but sums up so much.

thats all love you guys

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