Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 50 - (May 23)

soooooooooooo hello.

this week was another killer week here in LincanRay.

The mom of Nicolas was baptized!!! Guinette. It was SUCH an awesome baptism. She asked me to speak. I got to speak about baptism (not too difficult since we teach that everyday haha) and Nicolas talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so so so so special to see Nicolas bear such a strong testimony about the Holy Ghost. I am so proud of him. We were waiting for one of our investigators to come to the baptism and she came RIGHT in time to see the baptism. Her name is Lizette. I’ll talk about her in a second. After Guinette changed and everything she came in and bore the best testimony ever. The next day in church to see her confirmed as a member was so special as always. she shared with everyone that the night of her baptism she added a bunch of pics to FB and all of her friends were commenting and saying things like you joined the devils church and she told them all to stop because they were offending God, I love her.

Lizette is another investigator that we have who is GOLDEN. We found her family on an intercambio (Hermana McGregor and I) and now we are comps teaching them. Lizette was having a few doubts about accepting a date but we talked with her and bishop after the baptism and he goes ¨hey so when is your baptism? she was like uhhhhhhhh i have a few doubts. He cleared them up in about a second haha. We went and taught her a few commandments this morning and put her baptism date for this Saturday. 

We are teaching another family who I absolutely love. We recently came back to teach them and both of us were crying. We were happy to see each other. She told us she had just said a prayer to bring happiness to her life and we then knocked her door. Super duper cool. They came to church on Sunday and absolutely love this family.

We have people progressing and it is so much fun. Love this work as always.

Love you guys from down here in Chile. PS it is fall here in Chile. Weird huh?

hahaha the other day we were at lunch and we look over and the baby had like a thousand potato peels on his face. We were like what the? Apparently it’s like a healing Chilean methos.

We live with another greenga and a missionary from Columbia. And there are like 40 or 50ish in the whole mission I would say? hahaha we heard about the sisters wearing pants but no not our mission. Chile is the best.


Hermana Kleinman

We had a ward activity and these are some who came. it was soooooooooo awesome. 

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