Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 17 (September 28)

Fambam!!  and friends!

Send more pictures of lola and her puppies! and i am so so good!! So exciting about kim and cheyenne they will be the best missionaries. And sad about asu and byu. boo. Should I start praying for them too? haha no i am kidding but that is so fun taylor and sydney got to come for the weekend. Apparently people actually felt the earthquake here but we were walking on the street just being missionaries helping some woman dump out her olive juice out of this barrel so we were pretty occupied. with olive juice. but i think everyone is okay!

So update on Viviana and MariaIgnacia. Really sad and really happy news. So basically they are still awesome but her boss fired her so they have to move to conce to find a new job and house. (they couldn´t find any here) BUT awesome news because Vviana thinks that the only reason that they came to Angol was to find us and this church. Also awesome news because they will be a HUGE miracle for the missionaries in conce. That’s just how missionary works right? wahoooo.

Update on Maria Paz. SHE IS AWESOME. She was walking with us to a members house for a Noche De Hogar which she LOVOVEED. (We made up some object lesson with the game Jenga) and she asked us if she could ever accompany us haha. And she has gone to seminary every night this week. We had another lesson with her and taught her about the restoration and she was like oh yeah that totally makes sense then accepted a fecha wahooo. She came to church yesterday and LOVED it. Her mom just has a huge huge smoking problem so we gotta pray hard for her to get over that too because she wants to change.

We had an intercambio with the caps this week and I had to lead our sector and such. It was pretty cool and I didn´t have to whip out the map so that was a blessing because if you know me, you know how bad I am at directions in America and when you throw the streets here in Chile into the picture...everything changes.
I can´t think of much else that happened. Sorry. Love you all the whole world full!!!

Hermana Kleinman

Fact of the week: everything comes in bags here, the shampoo, the mayonnaise, the ketchup, EVERYTHING

Picture is with this Hermana who wants to come to the states and cook for you guys! She always gifts us stuff haha MOM SHE GIFTED US A MINI WOK!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 16 (September 21)

SOooo I found out that my fact of last week is definitely a real fact and it is for sure a law here to have a chilean flag out on the 18th. The 18th here is kind of like our Fourth of July except it isn’t their Independence Day so I don’t know why they celebrate it but it was SO COOL. We werent allowed to work that day because there are drunk men (barrachos) everywhere and a bunch of Ramada’s. But we went to a parade and then we had lunch at a member’s house and they taught us some chilean traditional games and then took us to fly kites!
We had some awesome lessons with Viviana y maria Ignacia this week. Viviana cried in one of the lessons because she was just telling us how she felt about this góspel and it was super sweet.

Oh my gosh our Ward had a Ward activity this week to celebrate the 18th and it was AWESOME. Seriously, everyone participated and investigators came. We got there and Viviana and Mariaignacia had gotten there early to help set up. What? Even members don’t do that.

We were walking to an cita one day and we found Nico ( the boy who just got baptized) he accompanied us all day and he cried in one of the lessons as he was sharing his testimony about how going to church has helped him in his life. HE IS THE BEST. Then after we were walking in the Street and he asked us our fears and we told him and then he told us that his number one fear was dying before he gets to go on his mission. Who says that? Nico does.

Oh my gosh again. We were contacting with this member named MariaPaz and we found this girl named MariaPaz. This was two weeks ago. Yesterday we finally had a cita with her and her mom while our member friend was accompanying us again and MariaPaz the investigator is SO COOL. She told us that she has always wanted to go to our church but she didn’t know if she could walk in with YOU CAN. And now she wants to go to seminary as well. So hopefully she progresses.

Lots of cool things are happening here in Angol. Hahaha dad I loved your story about the Candy bars! I possibly might try the same thing....

Lola had puppies! ahhhh they are so cute! My love of dogs though is dwindling away sorry fam. only Lola and teddy are still cute to me. Sorry molly.

Fun fact of the week: nobody can pronounce Kleinman here. It’s really funny actually.

Love you all!! You are in all of my prayers.


Hermana Kleinman

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 15 (September 14) Hello Hello One Too Tree

My subject refers to all of the Chilean men who try and speak English to us...apparently that is all we know how to say. Haha

This week i learned a ton. It was national slash worldwide (I don’t know which one) service day and I hope you guys all got to do some service because I know that I for sure did! Usually when we see someone working in their yard, they don’t let us help them. But this week the Chileans must have been eating something different because EVERYONE let us help! Mom- thank you for teaching me how to pull weeds like a pro because we pulled thousands. It was awesome though because then we got to know the people and then they invited us in and then we taught them! Win Win situation. But yeah shout out to service for getting us some nuevos.

Best part about this week though, Viviana and MariaIgnacia came to church again!! Last week was cute. We had a lesson and we explained the BofM to them and the importance of it. The next time we came for a lesson, Maria ran to her room and came back with her BofM and showed us how her and her mom had been reading a chapter a day, marking verses they liked and then applying it to their life. How cool?? They are loving church and the people and this gospel. Seriously just two solid people.

One of our other investigators also came to church. Marcella. We visited her with a member before so now I am for sure convinced that it changes everything. She is super awesome. The only thing is that she started kindergarten when she was 10 and only has up to 5th grade for education so it is hard for her to understand lots of things BUT she loved how she felt when she was at church and how she feels when we come. one day we went to her house for a lesson and she came out with her makeup done and this dress on and said I wanted to show you guys that I know how to get ready for church!¨SO CUTE! Go Marcella.

We had a zone conference with President and Hermana Bluth on Friday and it was just what our zone needed to get a little pump up. My first ZC!!

Also my week was even better because i got your package family!! Everything I asked you for last week was in it. Seriously thanks!! Plus the Laura bars. YES.

Courtney this one goes to you. We found this 78 year old grandma and taught her for a sec. she is addicted to playing candy crush on her computer hahaha

Fun fact: not sure if this is a fact but some Chilean told us that it is a law to put a Chilean flag out this week because of September 18. HUGE holiday here. Hopefully I don’t gain 30 more pounds.

Anyways gotta go get my tooth fixed. Love you all!


Hermana Kleinman

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 14 (September 7)

Hey everyone. This week was just awesome. I feel like I say that every week but really this week was just great. First off, thanks family for the packages. You guys are the best!! and keep cheering hard for ASU football. 

So we got a new zone leader and our zone leaders are in our district with me and Hermana Rich and another pair of elders. Our district is awesome! Our zone leaders are also in our ward and our sector. This cambio, the zone leaders are stressing the importance of lessons with members. It is really hard here because everyone works all the time. BUT it is possible obviously. We also got challenged to stay in contact with our investigators with baptismal dates every single day. 

Remember Viviana and MariaIgnacia? Yeah, they are just golden. We found sneaky ways to chat with them every day that we didn’t have a set lesson with them and we brought members. IT CHANGED EVERYTHING! They committed to come to church and we were so stoked.

Sunday morning. The morning of Satan. It had been SO sunny the days before and Sunday morning it was raining bullets. Then, our city had a blackout. But guess what...Viviana and MariaIgnacia still came!!!!!!!! Yeah they are awesome. It was testimony meeting and all of the member’s testimonies were PERFECT! Viviana said that she felt so welcomed and that she just felt at home! We gotta keep working hard with them but i know that they will get baptized soon. 

Another guy named Luis. One day we felt like we should go down the Vega (its like the cardboard mall on drugs) and we were walking and we contacted this guy (Luis), had a lesson with him the next day and he accepted a fecha. YA! He was out of town and didn’t come to church but we have  a lesson with him tonight and I am just excited. 

I love you guys so much!! And I love being a missionary! Best slash coolest thing ever in the world.

Oh yeah I got bit by a dog but it didn’t puncture the skin so that’s okay

Fun fact: the BOM was translated into the Spanish language for Chilean investigators. Gooooo Chile!


Hermana Kleinman