Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 68 - (September 26) busy busy busy

This week kind of feels like it was a yearlong but at the same time light speed.

Miracles this week. I am really learning that when you completely forget yourself and work for others God really puts miracles in our paths. 

We had two zone conferences this week and we talked about establishing the church in our own wards in one conference and then we talked about how to obedecer con la actitude de exactitud (to obey with the attitude of exactness) but it sounds cooler in Spanish. It’s been kind of crazy with having the Hermana’s so far in Victoria. an awesome experience though, one day we felt like the next morning we should go and study with the Hermana’s there in Victoria. that night their district leader called us and told us that they were super sad and everything and so that called confirmed our plans. We woke up super early and took a few buses to get to their house. We were buying them a treat at a little store right next to their house and we got a call from one of the Hermana’s saying hey I need to talk to you guys right now I’m having problems with my comp and I don’t know what to do!!! We were like okay yeah wait one sec and we knocked on their door. haha she was soooo happy to see us and was so confused. Literally the timing of God is perfect and it was a miracle. we were in Victoria yesterday after church again and we were able to do divisions with two Hermana’s there. another miracle, we couldn’t find any of her plans or nobody wanted to let us in so we said a prayer and felt like we should knock a certain street and only knock the houses with lights on. we knocked them all and the last house with the light on let us in and it was a family who is awesome!!! we got back from Victoria this morning.

in our sector we were walking one day and we felt like stopping a woman with her son (Barbara). Turns out that she is from Argentina haha my comp was so happy. But we were able to put a visit with her and the next day we went. She accepted a baptism date right away and told us that she is looking for something for her family but she can’t figure out what it is. The gospel obviously. She is married!!! and she came to church on Sunday and loved it loved it.

We have seen so many miracles in our sector lately and the people who I have told you about in other weeks are progressing slowly but surely towards their baptisms. I don know if I have mentioned Cintia and her fam. If not the next week. She is so golden!!!

 we had a meeting with our stake president and he kind of gave a little wake up to our bishop which was nice. our stake pres. wants to split our ward and put a branch in Fundo el carmen (where we live) and so we have lots of plans in our sector to make it stronger when they do the split. We are trying new things to get the families who assist every other week to come every week. We are doing a fishing game with all of the members so that they can share the gospel too. We saw a huge growth in the wards attendance this week and it was greattttt. some crazy things to change in our ward but I know anything is possible with God. anything.

I am so grateful for my mission every day. it really is the best year and a half for my life and thankful for every one of you. love you all!!! Be the best members that you guys can be.


Hermana Kleinman

hahhahha we were in the bus and a rapper man came on and he looked at me and goes seƱorita a word? We both (my comp and I) said baptism and he goes ok and then he made a rap about baptism. Mom and dad you are going to love the micros!!!

1.hahaha We see this almost every day. I love Chile

2. part of the people who came to our ward family home evening! We did a talent show it was soooooooo fun!!

3. the service that we got to do with our stake I don’t remember

4. my comp made the cutest little cards to say thanks to the members who helped us this week!!

5. this morning in Victoria with the Hermana’s there

Sister Conference

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 67 - (September 20)

Soooooooooooo this week was a little different and I’ll explain why.

Monday: we had our Pday like normal but then the micros (the little buses that we have to take to and from our sector) weren’t ´passing by very often so we only got to work for about an hour.

Tuesday: we got to wait in the bus terminal for all the new Hermanas to get to the south and to our zones and then in the evening we traveled the 5 hours in the bus with the other leaders to mission leaders counsel in Concepcion!

 We had the counsel and it was AWESOME. President talked about not only baptizing but he talked about how we are here to establish the church and we analyzed that word and talked about different ways for the rest of our lives how we can help establish the church. I love that because especially here in Chile there are so many less actives. Soooo many. too many. but we have been praying with my comp lately about this and how we can help the less actives in our ward be stronger and how we can with the ward complete our goal of 140 people assisting every Sunday. Its rising slowly but we received tons of ideas in counsel with Pres to help even more. We also talked about practices and how important those are. Our mission is super new. Tonsss of new new missionaries. But after counsel we traveled back to our house super late.

We traveled in the morning to the other city we are over of the Hermana’s in Victoria and stayed for their district meetings. We got to see Hermana Talavera and she was super happy :) but then we finally got to work a half day in our sector! and Thursday night Nicolas called us (our convert) and told us that he needed a spiritual boost and that he wanted to leave and work with us the next day.

We finally had a day to work fully in our sector and we saw miracles!!!!!! seriously. we had put in our agendas a bunch of old investigators and futures from our area book and we didn’t have really a fixed visit because nobody answered the day before but literally we knocked about 6 houses and entered into 5 of them and we able to find a bunch of news and Nicolas was so spiritually pumped. it was great.

Hahhaa here’s were the free time comes in. we had all of this day free and we received tonssssssss of food from the members. so good. I love Chile. and this weekend is bigger than Christmas here. but all the shops closed down after lunch. we were able to clean our house super profoundly.

Sunday: 18!!!!!! So cool. we sang the national hymn of Chile in sacrament and ate more food. Haha we used all of the evening to plan our whole cambio and plan for our ward. It was awesome to have time to have a good planning session. 

Monday: everything was closed in Chile so that’s why we couldn’t write you guys yesterday buttttt we took a nap and it’s been so long and my comp and I took an hour long shower. Haha that hasn’t happened my whole mission. we also were able to write in our journals. So many things that normally there isn’t time for in the mission but ah I’m so excited for this week to work. It’s going to be another busy week. We are so busy with the two zones and Hermana’s and our sector I feel like I really don’t have much time to think about anything but the mission. I love it and I love this privilege. 

I am happy that you guys had a steller week in Hawaii and be happy for me because I am having a steller life here in Chile. it’s going to be hard to make me go home one day. I love you all and pray for you daily. 

PS I want each one of you to send me something from your personal studies this week that you learned. ready go. 

hermana Kleinman

waiting in the bus terminal wahooooo

HERMANA BOWLING MI HIJA AMADA IS TRAINING A PHILIPPINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is opening a sector in Concepcion and training ah i love her. so proud.  



the best cake in the world with the best comp
hahahahhaha we thought the volcano erupted one night we were freaking out but it was just the moon 

story with the dresses in the dump. hahahah we bought some dresses and we had cleaned our house that day so we were praying and it came to our minds noooooo the dresses we threw them away!! so in the night with our guard we had to go dumpster diving 

one of the fams that we ate with on 18
its a law here to have a flag out on this weekend. 

 anddddddd guinette and javiera made us empanadas!!

Ecuador Peru Argentina and the us!! these are the Hermanas that i live with. 

i love chile

our pretty morning view and one of the volcano's that we can see outside of our window 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 66 - (September 12)

Fambam! First off, if you didn’t take my cardboard cutout to Hawaii with you guys I am ashamed. just kidding. kind of. But guess what. I AM STAYING IN MY SECTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we are breaking the record here in our ward LicanRay. I will have 7 months and a half and so will my comp Hermana Ricagno hahaha we decided that we might move our records here forever and ask for a permanent calling. but we are sooooooo happy to stay together and see tons of more miracles!! my comp started her mission here in our ward but in another sector and that’s why she is going to have 7 months and a half. BUT super cool. we are now going to be over the Hermana’s in Victoria too and it’s about an hour away from Temuco so this will be interesting for this cambio. 

this week we have just been receiving references. miracles seriously. I love being a missionary. I love getting to testify every day to everyone that Jesus Christ lives. And that HIS church is here on the earth. this week we found lots of new investigators who are super cool. Dad you like facts. We found 12 news and the average for our mission is 7 new people to teach every week. 

one of the new people we found two weeks ago, we thought ehh she’s good but we didn’t think she would progress super-fast. Her name is Cintia. we went back this week and we were so wrong. Sometimes the diamonds don’t shine or at least we can’t see their potential. She has four daughters and her husband. she came to church this Sunday with one of her daughters. We walked in early and she was sitting on the benches the first one at church in the morning. miracle. She LOVED it. in our prayer at her house the second time, we had finished praying and she told us that during the prayer she felt like Jesus Christ was sitting in front of her speaking and not us. A really sweet reminder that we are true representatives of our Savior Jesus Christ. She just wants the best for her kids and her family and we were able to testify about how the gospel blesses families. Thanks mom and dad for being such great examples to me and showing me how the gospel can bless families.

I am going to send a few pictures!!
My district woop woop!

This is my zone the past transfer and we made these because an elder had to go home early for sickness

These are all of the hermanas that we were over this last transfer! during our sister conference. we had a super fun conference and every hermana and her comp presented a Christ like attribute and how this attribute has helped them progress this transfer. we had prayed and assigned each one before. I love them all. Aren’t they the cutest!!?

This is Alicia and Katalina and they are sooooo awesome. It was actually a really cool experience so about 4 months ago we were buying our food and Alicia checked us out. We had lots of things to buy and we were chatting about what we do as missionaries and she told us how her daughter Katalina needs help and so we took her number down. Her number didn’t work and so we lost contact. Then one week ago we were walking and there is a part of our sector where there are a million apartments and they are all the same color of blue. We felt like knocking one of the blocks. we knocked and got rejected, knocked some more in this block and got rejected hard. then the last door on the top floor we thought Ya we are going to enter in this apartment and find a new person to teach. we knocked and we heard ¨¨ahhh!!!¨¨ Alicia opened her door and basically yelled come in!!!! She was like how did you guys find me?! I am so happy!! They came to the activity of our ward of the 18 and loved it. turns out they have tons of friends in our ward. Such a small world.

haha we played tons of games and got killed in tug of war. Missionaries vs. young woman’s

This week is going to be insane!!! we have 18 this Sunday and it’s like 10 times as big as Christmas here in Chile. We don’t work for 3 days. Saturday, Sunday or Monday and we get to eat with the members and ¨¨enjoy the Chilean culture¨¨ as President May says. We also get to go to conce tomorrow to have our MLC. We get to capacitate again with my comp to the other STL´s-. So we only have two complete days to tear it up here in Temuco. People keep reminding me how little time I have left and its freaking me out. But I have to soak up every minute right?

I love you all!! Enjoy Hawaii for me and I will enjoy beautiful Chile for you all. Sean Felices!!! Hermana Kleinman y Hermana Ricagno les dicen.

haha some Spanish for you to practice

hermana kleinman 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 65 - (September 5)


This week was wonderful. Really. We had a zone conference with President and the Assistants and I learned so much. Our mission has changed so much since I got here last year. Three different mission presidents and three completely different ways to capacitate but Presidente May is awesome. In our last interview I had asked him a few questions about 2 Nephi and Isiah because its super hard for me to get lots out of those books. He told me he would plan a capacitation for our mission and teach about the way to read the Greek poems so that we could understand it better and he taught us how this week. My mind is blown and I am so excited to study 2 Nephi and to be able to understand it better yes. 

This week we found lots of new people to teach and saw SO many miracles. First off MARIO WAS BAPTIZED wahoooo!! it was such a sweet baptism. He was so nervous that he was going to slip too but no worries he didnt. he was baptized with the help of 2 members and with a chair. He sat down in the chair and after they dunked him he said  mmmmmmmmmmm mm mmm que rico  hahahhaha. he then changed and came and bore his first testimony in front of the members, he said ¨wow lots of people but good afternoon hi I’m Mario huentenou from javiera carrera with los paltos and I am thankful to be here to be baptized. I never thought about being baptized again but the Hermana’s taught me and now I am here happy and I want to be strong and keep the commandments forever until I die. thanks in the name of Jesus Christ amen it was soooooooo cute. the members were so happy to see him take this step. they are planning a huge service project to help him build a cement ramp. and Mario wants that all his neighbors can be baptized. he took the sacrament yesterday for the first time and said now officially I am Mario Mormon and this means something to me. SO cool to see the change in him from the beginning. Mario Mormon!!!!!!

On Sunday our investigators who had committed to come to church all bailed and we decided if nobody came during the sacrament we would go out and invite everyone outside to come in. right after the reunion we walked out and a mom with her daughter and the boyfriend of her daughter said are you the missionaries that work in this area?  We said yes and she said here is the boyfriend of my daughter he has come to our ward tons of times and he wants to hear the lessons. it was a such a tender mercy. He is awesome. of gold. Then we continued to receive references from various members. Miracles here in our ward. we visited a member in the night and he goes hey my neighbor wants to hear about our church one sec. he went and asked him to come over. we had a lesson and his neighbor asked us I want to know how do you know if the book of Mormon is an inspired book from God? if it is I will be baptized miracles. 

I am out of time but i love you all. I was studying 1 Nephi 16 this week and Nephi is such a huge example of faith in this chapter because when he remade his bow he only brought one arrow.  I want to challenge you all to read it and think of how personally in your lives you can help your faith grow. 


Hermana Kleinman

baptism of Mario!
 mm mario mormon

 carolina y fam we had a noche de hogar and made brownies

bowling with our zone
hills our sector.

intercambio yay