Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 52 (June 6)

So we had another gran intercambio haha sorry I don’t know how to say that in English. But I was with Hermana Pintus from Argentina and it was soooooooo fun. She was the only Hermana with me when we got to the mission so it was cool to catch up and to see miracles together. This is all of the Hermanas in our house and in Gorbea. We had a little conference together!!

Javiera got baptized!!!!! The sister of Nicolas. Super sweet and I was so happy for her and their family.
We got taken out to lunch to the nicest place I have eaten here in Chile. Hermano Campos. He is like famous for chiropractic here in Chile I guess.

We had another noche de hogar with a family who are really nice. The dad looks just like Eric’s brother.

This is GImenna. SO AWESOME. We had fast and testimony meeting and she looked at us and goes well get up there!! And we told her only if she goes first. So she got up with me and bore her testimony first hahaha it was soooo cute. She told everyone how it was her first time there and how she felt. And how we had knocked her door.
Sorry I have literally no time today.

Secondly SHOUT OUT TO DAD FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!"!!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! And Reed!!!! I love you guys so much. Haven’t read your emails yet but I bet it was a good birthday. And shootout to dad for your new calling!"!!! I am so so happy to hear that.

And my prayers are with Sydney and her family. I am so sorry to hear that but I hope that Sydney and all of her family can feel comfort and peace with the gospel. But I will be praying every day, 

I love you all so much!!!
I will write better next week from your favorite Hermana in Chile,

Hermana Kleinman
This is sweet Gimenna

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