Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 46 (April 26) Brownie? or brawnie?¿¿

hahahaha this week has been so much fun. Today we had a zone activity and we played broom hockey and killed it. 

We saw another miracle with the mom of Nicolas (who just got baptized)....we were teaching principles of the gospel and she goes Hermanas? Can I share something?  We were like uh yes of course. Then she went on to tell everyone there about the opposition that she is having with her family. She told us that everyone in her work and family are saying things to her like ¨Ginette...you are Mormon now? Why? And just baggin on the Mormons. And she said that she told them all ¨no I am not Mormon yet. but I will be one day and I will be because I can feel something different in the Mormon church and not in this church and then she went on telling us that she knows these things that we teach are true because she has seen the change in her son and she wants that for allllll of her family. She is so awesome. We put her baptism for the 21st because we want her and her daughter to get baptized together. I love their family. 

We have another really cute couple Carmen and Luis. we had knocked their door and she let us in. she told us that she had gone to the Mormon church before and loved it but never went back because nobody ever invited her............we obviously got right on that and invited her. She came and loved it. Her husband is kind of deaf so when we go to teach them we talk and then she translates by yelling in his ear in the tu form hahahaha it’s so cute. I love my area and love being a missionary like always. Love you guys!! 

Remember to look for the simple things in life that can always make you happy.


Hermana Kleinman

the rain and the muddy season has hit. hard. 

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