Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 56 - (July 4)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! I hope that you all are enjoying America right now!!

This week was awesome. We went and had a visit with Manuel (who requested the book of Mormon and missionaries) annnddd it was the coolest lesson ever! Seriously. he explained to us that he has actually been waiting 2 years to get a book of Mormon in his hands and that one time he saw that his coworker had one and he asked to borrow it but she said no because she hadn’t finished. haha don’t ever do that. Ever!! He said that he knows that what we have to tell him is something important because something always comes up when we put a visit with him. He told his family that he was going to meet with the Mormons and they started saying no we worship the devil and all that good stuff. But he explained that he knew that was just opposition, he was SO happy to have a book of Mormon in his hands!! He works on Sunday we found out when we invited him but he said that he is going to change his schedule so that he can start coming to church. Really a miracle. He moves at the beginning of august so we are going to work hard and help him to get baptized before he moves.

We also had another really cool lesson with one of our new investigators Jose. We taught him the book of Mormon and at the end we asked him now what does this book mean to him and he looked at us and said well the truth! No other church has this book so for me it means the truth. It was a special moment.

We are teaching also someone whose name is Miriam and she has 7 kids. She has had a really hard life and was looking for the truth when we knocked her door. Every time we go we find one of her kids and are able to teach them! They told us that we are getting to each and every one and Miriam was pretty happy about that. Super cute.

We are seeing miracles here in Chile through the hard times but we are trying our best and i know that God is going to bless his children here. My comp was really sick this week but is a lot better after lots of prayers and blessings.

Hahahaha funny story really quick. It has to do with a creepy man again. so we knocked this one neighborhood one night but it has a guard. We didn’t know that we couldn’t knock it and we found some really awesome people. We walked out and the guard stopped us and asked us if we were knocking. We said yes and he told us not to do it again and he warned us that if we do it again he will kiss us for every door we knock. We assured him that we won’t know one more door there. Gross. Long story short I changed companions and we contacted a reference there and he went with us. The reference wasn’t there and so I started walking away really fast knowing that he was going to try and kiss us but I forgot to tell my comp and I looked back and he had grabbed her hand and kissed it hahaha it was terrible. I yelled at him in the best missionary way and we ran. Mom and dad get ready to kiss lots of people here because that is there custom.

know that there is a missionary who is praying for all of you down here in freezing chile!

love you all so much!!!

Hermana Kleinman

This is my sector Temuco and Miriam with her grandkids!

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