Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 57 - (July 11) - I climed A Snowy Mountain

this computer is not super high functioning.

but this week WAS SO GOOD DANG. we have been kind of struggling helping the new investigators come to church so we have been praying super hard for inspiration. we thought of a few members and assigned them to the people we want to come for sure for sure. and it was awesome. the members came and committed to walk a few investigators to church. (there aren’t many members with cars)

but I want to update you guys on Jose Ramirez. super cool. he called us this week and said Hermanas!! I have been doing my prayers like you guys said I needed to do and I received some answers. he told us to come over the next night. the next night he then told us that he made a promise with God and God completed. He smokes a lot and doesn’t well didn’t have work. He said a prayer and he told us that in his prayer he told God that if he stops smoking and starts doing the right things he wants to find work. Two days later he found work!!!! he was so excited and we had planned to teach the word of wisdom that day. it was perfect! he accepted and hasn’t smoked since. MIRACLE. we have a service project to go and clean his house so it can smell better and he won’t have as much temptation. but another thing about him. he came to church on Sunday!! and there was a man from another ward there that day. the man told us that he had felt an impression to come to our ward that Sunday but he didn’t know why. he came and it turns out that he is one of Jose Ramirez´s super close friends!!! soooooooooooooo cool. the holy ghost rocks. he is going to accompany us this week to visit Jose. Jose is on track for his baptism.

One of Mirirum´s son (Jonathon) we found him one day when she wasn’t there. he told us that he is super closed off to God right now because he is mad at him and we had a lesson really spiritual and you could see him change a little throughout the lesson. he came to church on Sunday with his brothers and loved it!!! he told us the first visit that he would NEVER pray and our lesson on Saturday he said the closing prayer!! I love seeing the holy ghost work miracles in the lives of people. it’s something that I hope I can see for the rest of my life because it will never get old.

Our reference Manuel is doing awesome. he is scared to come to church so we have plans with him to do a tour and all that this week so that he can come this weekend.

We are doing something that I have never done before in my mission and it is working super well. After every lunch with the members we are teaching the restoration in 5 minutes. we tell them to think of one of their friends who isn’t a member and they have to play their role. we taught them and then we ask them what can we do better. they tell us and we commit to get better at teaching and they committed to bringing their nonmember friend to the next lunch. ha-ha it was fun and worked super well.

This week has been freezing. today for our activity of zone we went and hiked a volcano!! it was soooooooooooo pretty. snowing so hard so you couldn’t even see the volcano. ha-ha we got to the top after climbing for 3 hours. it was like Camble back Mountain but 20 times longer. and snowy. We got to the top with our zone and we broke into an abandoned house to eat lunch. hahaha it was so fun.

love you guys all so much!!! enjoy the sun for me and i will enjoy the snow for you all. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and loves all of you. john 16:33. and I know that we can only have peace through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Hermana Kleinman

I forgot to tell yall. i met our new president. President May. SO COOL. really. ill tell more details the next week. gotta go teach some lessons. 

these are the Hermana’s that I live with
my little companion
The national tree of Chile and I thought it was so pretty with snow
and our zone!! one of my zone leaders (Elder Johnson) is from mesa. small world right?

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