Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 58 (July 18)

My companion is teaching me how to speak in Guarani. It’s the second language in Paraguay!! It’s so much fun!

But this week was rockin. Jose is still progressing, he couldn’t come to church because he was super super sick. Everyone is sick here. And what’s weird is that it is winter break here like we have two weeks in December? But they have it in July! But he is doing awesome.
Our investigator Jonathon, he came to church on Sunday again. During the week we had challenged him to baptism a few times and he said no. he told us on Sunday that he feels so so happy and so much peace in his life right now. We had a lesson after church in front of the baptism font and he accepted a baptism date!!! We challenged him and he said ¨¨yes!¨¨ wahooo!!! It’s crazy to see the changes in his life in these past two weeks. The ward is excited to help these three brothers and to help so that the whole family can be converts.

We are doing a challenge with our zone and we have to do different things every day of the week. It’s something to motivate to complete goals and be animated. But one day we had to contact with food and find new people to teach. We made cookies the night before and contacted with them at houses and in the street. haha it was so much fun and I was so surprised that people actually wanted to eat homemade food from 2 foreigners. We found the cutes grandma ever.

I love you guys so much and really do pray for each and every one of you every night. I wouldn’t trade anything for what I am doing right now. 

PS. Mom thanks for your letter to my comp!! Your Spanish is so good!!! Mixed with a little Italian haha you guys are the best. Really.

Love, your favorite missionary in the world

Hermana Kleinman

Here are some pics

They say Once here for their dinner. It’s a Chilean thing

The million cookies that we contacted with
The cute grandma that we found contacting with cookies

annd we had an intercambio and I was with Hermana Lopez de peru and we left with one of my converts Javiera!! so much fun

Hermana Lopez turned 23!!
We found the cutest house in the campo. Two men live there from Germany hahah random

This is our sector. The map in our room it’s huge. It takes like 20 minutes in micro the small buses to go from one end to the other

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