Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 55 - (June 28) Do what you love and love what you do

I have been thinking lots about that quote from my pillow back at home this week haha. And I feel lucky to be doing what I love. and I love what I get to do.

SECOND: CONGRATS TO CBAKE!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to see my little Courtney so happy and in love.

and third. we didn’t write yesterday because it was a holiday here in Chile. (they always have huge holidays for the saints) and everywhere was closed so president said that it would be better to work while everyone would be in their house.
My companion is great. Her first trainer was Hermana Moran (one of my old comps) and now I am her dad of this mish how they say it. her second trainer. she is super smart in the Gospel and has a super sweet spirit with her. I am super happy to get to have her as a comp. I am lucking out with the best comps eveRR!!

We had some really awesome investigators who were progressing to their baptism but in these past two weeks we can’t find them in their houses or in the phone. but I have learned tons of patience and tons of humility. It has really helped me look at the small miracles that happen every day. because they do happen but we just have to recognize. We worked really hard and with lots of prayers were able to find some SUPER awesome new investigators this week!! wahoooo! that guy from Facebook went on a business trip so we actually finally have a visit with him tonight. yes-ill update you all on him next week.

Here in Temuco in the night it gets SO foggy, they say it’s from all of the wooden stoves, the cold and the contamination. haha Probs not the best thing for us. Chile won the Copa and we were in our apartment planning and we started hearing screams and screams hahaha we looked out our window (we live on the highest floor) and we could see everyone just jumping and dancing!!! it was hilarious. I took some videos don’t worry. 

But I love you all. and don’t forget to do the small things like read and pray.

PS dad that is so cool. your missionary experience. hearing things like that makes me so happy now that I can understand what it is like to be a missionary and to have awesome leaders and members like you guys. 


Hermana Kleinman

Hermana Talavera!!! 

we had a small family home evening and made sombreros and did Mexican things. it was super duper fun.

Trudging through the fog. hahahaha i think you can tell what i was thinking. woops.

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