Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 53 (June 13) - Colddddddd

I cannot believe that it is 118 degrees in Arizona. I tell people how hot it is in Arizona and they think that our family is crazy for living there. I am just beginning winter here. Crazy right? We are finishing fall and winter starts this next week I think. 

This week was another awesome week down here in Chile. PS I hope you guys are all watching the Copa de America. Everyone is so into it and it’s going down in the United States.

I want to first say Happy Early Father’s day to dad!!! I am so grateful to have you as my dad and to have your example in my life. Also happy father’s day to Reed and Eric!!! Soon Taylor and Brent? And happy birthday to Eric this Friday!!! wahoo!! 

I decided this week that there are few better feelings in life than the feeling of watching someone who understands and gets the Gospel and understands the importance of the Restoration. We found someone named Bryan and we taught him the restoration and the next visit he explained to his best friend that was there everything. The Book of Mormon and all. It was special to see him testify to his friend. And to see that it clicked in his mind. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee when it just clicks. LOVE IT.

We had a zone conference with Presidente Wilhelm and Hermana Wilhelm and it was definitely super inspired. I learned so much in those few short hours. He just talked mainly about simplifying and I always think back to that quote...not sure from who but something like how the gospel can be so simple that children can understand but yet so complex that scholars can’t understand. Something like that.

I have been studying the basic doctrines of the gospel this week and I have felt a difference in my testimony. I am SO grateful for the restored Gospel and to have the knowledge that we can be an eternal family. We were teaching a couple about eternal families and they said that was there hope but they just didn’t know how. I love that we know how and we were able to testify and teach them.

I love where I am at and the people I get to serve every day.

Love you all so much.


Hermana Kleinman

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