Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 54 (June 20) - Facebook Comin in the Clutch

Annnnddddd another transfer done so that means cambios!! Hermana McGregor (my comp) is leaving to be with another greenga and I am staying in LicanRay and I am going to finish another training of a Hermana from Paraguay! I am stoked! 

Really special week. Lots of things happened like always but something happened that really impacted me. We received a refusal or reference? From Salt Lake City and we were freaking out because that just doesn´t happen a lot down here. We called him right away and he told us how he had come into contact with the church. He told us that a year...yeah a YEAR ago he saw that one of his Facebook friends posted something about the Book of Mormon online and he read it and then ended up on mormon.org he read some more and was surprised because he didn’t know that there was more scripture other than the Bible. He requested the missionaries and a Book of Mormon but nobody ever came or called. He was so happy to hear from us because he has been waiting a year to read the book of Mormon and didn’t know where to get one. We have a visit with him tomorrow night. For me it was really cool to see a fruit of something from a little post on Facebook. It totally changed my perspective about that whole situation. I learned that we can do missionary work in everything that we do. And it also built my testimony that people really ARE looking for the truth but don’t know where to find it. I’m excited to see what happens.

Bryan who I think I talked about last time came to church and loved it. Haha he showed up in a dew wrag but everyone knew at least that he was in investigator and greeted him in. he wants to get baptized in this cool river down in the south of Chile but we are trying to help him just get baptized in the normal font. Much easier.

We have had some ups and downs this week but the ups were really high so it has been awesome. I am really sad not to be with Hermana McGregor but her sector literally is lined up with mine so we will see each other. annndd like mom how you just met up with one of your comps i know that she will be a lifelong friend. Cambios are always bitter sweet.

Love you all. I challenge you all to share something on social media this week because you never know who is waiting.

Hermana Kleinman

1. At least these shoes lasted me about a million miles of walking
2. We ate china today. Who knew that Chileans do china better than Americans??

3. My zone 

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