Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 42 (March 28) When the rollercoaster does an upside down flip

I hope that you all had an awesome Easter!! This Sunday was my favorite that I have had here in Gorbea I think. Well one of them. All of the talks were soooooooo good. I didnt have to give a talk in church!! That hasn’t happened in a while. But Easter was so awesome here because mostly everyone does believe in Christ and everyone was so happy yesterday in the streets. Chile is good place.

We had a super cool week and a seventy and President Wilhelm came and talked to our whole mission. They talked about the importance of the little things we do every day and how it effects baptism and people’s salvation. It really impacted me.

We also this week found tons of new people to teach and committed lots of people to church. Super successful week.....Then Sunday morning rolled around and we got a few calls from investigators with a bunch of excuses. We were kind of frustrated so we decided to go out and get them. we found a few. one came to church with us and loved it. Julia is her name. Her mom is an inactive but Julia wants to get baptized so we are working with the mom. 

We were sitting in sacrament and waiting for a good 35 minutes to start because they forgot to bring bread for the sacrament. And right after we started one of the coolest investigators Victor (not the one in jail) walked in and I was SOOOOOO surprised slash happy. He stayed for all of the hours and LOVED it. He is 25 and is reading in Alma. Has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and so we will see him baptized in a few weeks. He is the nephew of Pablo who also loves the Book of Mormon. It was a miracle because we had been praying for him all week to have (ganas) you say in Spanish but I guess it’s like desires to go to church. And he came!!!!!!!! Prayers do work. 

This week the most random things happened. We were teaching new people and right at the beginning the lights went out. Hahaha totally had a lesson in the dark. In the nighttime. That was interesting. I am going to miss Hermana Bowling.

I say that I am going to miss Hermana Bowling because this morning we went bowling as a zone and we had to get strikes to find out our cambios. We found out that I am leaving Gorbea and I will be in a huge city in Temuco opening a sector. I am going to finish the training of another Hermana and Hermana Bowling is going to stay here, lead the sector and finish her training with a Latina comp!!! It’s weird so I guess I will have two daughters in the mish. The new president is changing everyonesssss trainers this cambio. It’s the craziest cambio ever!!! But I will be with Hermana Hopkins. She came with Hermana Bowling. And is from the USA too. I feel kind of scared but my trust is all the way in the Lord. I know I can do anything through him and so can you guys.

Love you all!!

Hermana Kleinman

Luau!!!! as a district

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