Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 40 (March 7) - River Baptism Why Not?

So basically I don’t have tons of time today but i am going to send some pics. This is Gaby and her parents. There is always soooo much opposition with baptisms and we went and started the font in the morning and went like two hours later to check it and the water wasn’t working. Haha turns out they turned off the water here in Gorbea. Typical. So we called the mom of gabby and told her what was going on and we were kind of kidding like yea so let’s go to the river?! And she’s like well why not?"!! So they brought tonssssssssssssss of people to her baptism and we were just walking through Gorbea with this mob and marina the mom of gabby was inviting everyone in the streets to come. It was soooo fun and SO COOL. Honestly I think my favorite baptism I have witnessed in my life. 

this is my grateful slash happy face from the valentines day package. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 

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