Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 39 (February 29) - Rollercoaster

First I want to tell you all what is going on in our mission right now. A few days ago we received calls from our district leaders that our mission President (President Bluth) lost his voice, went to a doctor and they sent him home to the US to Salt Lake City to a specialist doctor. He has a tumor in his throat and they aren't sure what it is right now. So right now the assistants are filling in for President until they get a replacement one from Chile. It is so sad and we did a fast as a mission for him and his family.

But what we are doing for him is that everyone is going to email their friends and family so that they can send pictures!! With this on a paper "En _________ oramos por usted" (En el espacio blanco pongan el pais donde estan sus familias) Tambien pudeden agragar mas comentarios si quieren. So like example (en mesa arizona oramos por usted) then next week please send me these pictures!!! So that we can help president feel animated.

But this week was crazy we had THE COOLEST lesson with that miracle Victor guy. He started crying and told us that he had been reading the BOM and knew it was true. At the end of the lesson he told us as we were walking out to the street that he wants to change. He had some sort of weight on his shoulders and he wanted help but he said let’s talk about it next time. Then a few days ago he called us in panic and told us that he couldn’t come to the church to have a lesson because he was in trouble but he seemed panicked and then hung up. We have been trying to call him but his phone is off. THEN Miguel called us and told us that he was talking to his old friends from the police and he was talking about victor and they told him that he just got put in jail. Soooooooooooooooooooo dangit. We think the thing that he wants to repent for is the reason why he is in jail. dangit. But we got permission to go give him a BOM to read while he has time. 

But speaking of Miguel he blessed the sacrament for the first time this Sunday and it was sooooo cool to see him!!! He was practicing all week haha.

We also have been helping this inactive family and the mom is totally active with an awesome testimony now and we are teaching her son of 16 but her daughter of 9 is going to get baptized this weekend. 

We were able to see lots of our investigators in church this weekend and less actives. Oh we also had a conference with Elder Bednar for all of the missionaries in South America and he basically ripped us apart it was so awesome. I learned so much.

I love the mission the whole world full and wouldn’t trade this time for anything else. I know that we have the restored gospel and the gospel is for everyone.

This is my zone. Best zone everrrrrrrrr!!!!!.


Hermana Kleinman 

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