Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 41 - March 14

Let’s just say that I am thankful for my comp because she has suchhhh a good voice. All of my comps have had really pretty voices and I am so thankful. Everyone always asks me why I don’t have a good voice, because apparently because I’m American I should.....hahahahaha they just don’t know the Kleinman family.

We had to go to Conce for one day this week really fast and we got to meet the new president. He is from the south of Chile and this is his 3rd time to be a mission president. His name is President Wilhem and he speaks Spanish and German. Not English. He and his wife are soooooooo awesome. They gave us some of the coolest advice. He is a lot different than President Bluth but I guess he is who our mission needs right now. He asked me how many investigators we had, then how many are progressing, then for how many baptism dates we have, and then their complete names. It was an awesome learning experience for me that if we want miracles for our investigators then we need to know their complete names by heart because we are always praying for them and with their full names. And it’s true because how many Juan’s are there here in Chile? I think I have talked to at least ten thousand. Actually probably more.

SOOO we have been working on more specific prayers with complete names and are the miracles just coming. We have this one investigator names Pablo Barrientos and we can never ever find him but it’s frustrating because he is so golden. So we have been praying hard to find him. We found him this week and we asked him how his readings in the Book of Mormon are going and he whipped out his book and showed us that his is in Mosiah 18 and he was excited to read about how alma was about to go and teach and baptize people in the waters of Mormon. He said that he always feels desires to read the Book of Mormon, knows it is true, and he loves it. He accepted a baptism date and then he came to church the next day all the way away. 

We had church 20 minutes away in bus because there was a video broadcast from a seventy and from Russel M. Nelson. Who knew that he speaks Spanish?! I didn’t. He spoke to all of Chile and it was awesomeeeee. So good. Our investigators who came were pumped and loved every word they said!!

I am learning so much every day and time is going by way to fast. Being a missionary is the best. I am going to figure out a way to make it slow down.


Hermana Kleinman

everyone knows Gorbea by this plane that they have at the entrance to this town one day we walked around and then we realized i look like a hunchback. embarrassing. Annnddd we get fed rich sometimes!! this was with famly Fica. they have the best food ever.

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