Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 35 (February 1)- I snuck out and told my neighbor i am getting married!!

hahahaha the subject of this is a direct quote from one of our investigators named Dolores. Her neighbor is anti Mormon and she came to the baptism of Isidro in allll white and told us that the first thing. She is the cutest little grandma in the world.

This week was soooooooooo good. I really don’t have tons of time so sorry. A really good letter next week.
This week Isidro was baptized!!! Let me just tell you about him real quick. He was a man off the street that comes to church every once in a while. He didn’t have a phone so we couldn’t find him for weeks. One day we were eating lunch and we saw him and we sprinted to talk to him. I used my stalking skills and we found out he does have a phone and we got his number. I think I have learned more patience with him than any other investigator. And I have seen the BIGGEST change in him. It really is crazy. But he was baptized and he was sooo happy. And he gave the closing prayer in church and he started crying and he told us he feels like he has more comfort in his life after he had received the Spirit. 

He told us that we were his angels and then he wanted to take a picture of us like this hahaha.

We also had a competition with four zones here in the south and today we had the final round and we played quittich. From harry potter hahaha. It was so fun and we won. woohooo!!

I love you all so much!


Hermana Kleinman

We caught the snitch aka the pig

hahahaha awkward moment. The owner of this cyber was like hey you guys are going to be here for much longer? And I wasn’t really paying attention and so I said ya le queremos tambien. hahahha which means like yeah we love ya too. Dangit. Things just got really awkward. And we are trying to find ways to teach him. Maybe this is our in? I think I just broke the ice that’s for sure.

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