Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 36 (February 8)

Let me first just tell you about Dolores. Dolores was baptized this past Saturday and it was literally a miracle. So we were going to a lesson with a member in our ward. We had about 40 minutes before the lesson so we thought a yeah we will knock some doors. We walked by this house and my comp was like hey she has a pass along card in her window lets knock it. We knocked and entered with this little grandma who’s name is Dolores. She talked for ever. She has had sooooooo many problems in her life and probably has had one of the saddest lives that I have ever heard of. The member gave her a blessing of health and we left. We thought eh she’s just another catholic grandma. We kept feeling like we needed to go back and so finally we went back. She said I thought you guys were never going to come back!! She talked again for everrrr but me and my companion were working on listening that week and so we listened. At the end of our lesson she said that she has never felt the Spirit in a church before and she wants to. We invited her to come and she came. She was so happy because she felt the spirit. She was baptized three weeks later!!! Miracle. It’s really special with her too because we did an interchange and i was with a Hermana of Chile. Dolores couldn´t understand her and she could understand me perfectly. It’s really cool to see the promises that I received in my setting apart blessing take effect. She’s the cutest ever. And we found out that she isn’t catholic but she lies to everyone so that she doesn’t have to let them into her house hahahhaa. She’s the coolest.

Also we found out changes this morning and my companion is leaving me to be a Hermana cap. And I am going to have a baby!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO BE A MOM!!! I am going to train someone and it is going to be soooooo much fun I cannot wait. So I will be here in Gorbea for sure for 6 months. But tomorrow I have to travel all the way 8 hours to Concepcion to get my companion. 

Oh yeah also we had a really cool activity with all of the members about the restoration and the book of Mormon. They were all crying and we gave them assignments to read the book of Mormon every day. And now we were receiving references finally. 

I love this area SOOOOOO MUCH and I am going to miss my companion a ton but i cant wait to show my new companion how cool the mission is. ahhhhh I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

We have awesome investigators and that inactive family that we found of 21, some of them came to church on Sunday wahhoooo finally. And the family that my comp dreamed about they have been in Santiago so we finally had a lesson with them this week. They accept everything that we have taught them and she told us this time that ever since we have been coming her everything has been getting better in her house. They haven’t come to church yet but are reading and praying so they are progressing little by little.

I hope that you guys had so much fun in Mexico. I miss Mexico and the beach. I love you guys so much!! The whole world full! You guys are the best. Have the best week.


Hermana Kleinman

Dolores Flores

My District

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