Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 34 (January 25)

Weellll this week was another cool week here in the mission. We found new people to teach and taught a bunch of lessons.

We had interviews with President Bluth and It was just what i needed. I love him and Hermana Bluth so much. Then we had this worldwide conference with allllll of the 75,000 missionaries in the world!! it was SOOOO GOOD SO GOOD. They talked about the basics of everything and how we need to baptize converts. It was really good and we received tons of revelation for our sector.

We have changes in two weeks and My comp is going to leave for sure because she has 6 months here so I will probably stay. Super cool though because I love Gorbea. We have tons of people to teach and it’s stressful but a good stressful. .

Isidro has changed so much and had his interview yesterday and is going to get baptized this Saturday. woohooo!! 

I don’t have lots of time sorry and the internet isn’t really working for me but I love you all so much!! 
Shout out to the Bagley’s for their package to me!! Best ever!

Hermana Kleinman

Here is a pic of some of the fruits that don’t exist anywhere but here. These are called avericocus. SOOOO GOOD. 

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