Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 37 (February 15)

This week was CRAAAZZYYYY.  But so awesome. 

So on Monday we went to Conce and I worked there with Hermana Lockling on Tuesday because she is training too. So our house is like a training house. Then on Wednesday we picked up our hijas or our new companions and I am with Hermana Bowling from Star Valley, Wyoming. SHE IS THE BEST SERIOUSLY!!!! I am soooooo happy and so relieved that my daughter is cool. She is sooo so excited to work hard and be here to be a missionary. These next three months are going to be the best I am so excited I can’t even wait. She’s a straight star.

We then traveled home for a whole day and so we finally got to work this weekend. 

We have seen so many miracles. People keep coming up to us like hey we talked to you guys one day but you never came by? Come by this day? Like uhhhh okay no problem. 

We had kind of a stressful Sunday we started late because there wasn’t enough priesthood. Our president of the branch came for two weeks here and then he just left again to work and did the counselor and so we were waiting for some elders close by to help us out. but then we finally got started and the quorum president was directing I think you say? And he was like uhhh well the people to give talks aren’t here so Hermana Kleinman? So I just had to go up and talk for a while. HahaI know that this branch will be really good for my companion she is going to learn a ton. I learn so much every week.

I am going to tell you an experience that we had that i think marked me for the rest of my life I am not even kidding. I had allwayssss felt like we needed to knock this one house when we go by it in a bus. So we finally knocked it and this lady came out right away. We starting chatting and she told us that she can still remember this first missionaries that came to Gorbea and their name and everything. She then somehow told us that her spouse had died like 5 years ago and she was mad at God and didn’t understand where he was and why that had to happen. We explained the plan of salvation a little and I told her that I had always felt like i needed to knock her door. She told us that she felt like she needed to open the door up right away when she heard us yell alo!! She then looked at me and said ¨how long have you been here in Gorbea? I said three months.  And then she asked ¨why haven’t you come to visit me before?” That seriously cut me to the core and I felt kind of sick. I learned a huge lesson to ALWAYS follow the spirit. If it’s a good thought. Just do it.

Love you all SO much. My family is the best.


Hermana Kleinman

This is my hija on the left and my mom Hermana Rich on the right. Oh yeah Hermana rich is my sister training leader now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I get to see her a lot it’s the best EVA.

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