Monday, November 9, 2015

Weed 23 (November 9)

This week was awesome. As always. My comp just received her flight itinerary...weird. We have changes this next week but I hope that I get to stay in Angol for one more change because the next change is only 4 weeks and I love my comp and this area and I want to kill my comp (mission language,, ask Brent haha). But I think I might leave.

Let me tell you about this Sunday. You guys won´t believe it. We worked with the members lots this week with this family. This family is super special. They believe in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon but are having a hard time accept Thomas S. Monson. And they have committed to coming to church these past two weeks but then don’t. So we were determined to get them to come this week. And guess what. Nataly, her husband Eduardo, their baby and their daughter Germaoni (like harry potter because they are fanatic’s hahaha) CAME YESSSSSS! But wait it gets better. Nataly walked in and looked and said ¨ dad is here?! I didn´t know that he would be here?! Wait for me to go say hi to him¨ and we were thinking who her dad is? She walked over and it turns out that he is one of the investigators of the elders in our ward and they have been teaching him for these past two weeks and he finally came to church. WHAT?! We had no idea!!!! She was so happy!! She didn’t know that he was being taught by the missionaries and visversa for her. Hahaha it´s really cool to see how the Lords timing really is perfect. Gained a stronger testimony of that this week.
We had 10 investigators in the church this week. It is fun to see the members get pumped up about it and about missionary work!! 

Macarena is doing awesome!! We have held off on the commandments until she has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOM and we were talking with her at the beginning of this week and she said that she knows it is all true and she told us ¨Hermana’s, I can´t take back and return my feelings that i have felt. i know it is true and i can only move forward. YES YES so we are in the process of teaching her the commandments. 

This week was so fast and so good. I am learning so much every day and I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary and to have these experiences. I love this Gospel and I am grateful for you family and for your examples for me. 

Mom- my comp had lavender oil and we put it on our burns and it made me really homesick for a second because it reminded me of you. I love you!!


Hermana meads and I when I hit 5 months wahoooooo!!

It’s hot here. Oh yeah i have this weird rash on my feet and my legs but it doesn´t hurt and the nurse of our mission was in Angol and looked at it but doesn’t know what it is. haha I will send a picture maybe you guys will know. Love you all!!


Hermana Kleinman

Hermana Meads and I - Five Month Mark

 Comp and I Doing Service at the Hospital

Zone Pictures

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