Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 25 (November 23)

Let me just begin by telling you guys how crazy this week was. So I got to Gorbea after a long bus ride. And then first day was normal and we had our district meeting the next morning. Normal. Oh and by the way I am in the smallest zone in the mission and there are 14 people! We had to take a micro for like 30 minutes to get to our zone meeting. There are two districts in this zone and in my zone they are all Latinos except for one of the zone leaders. Then after our district meeting we had to buy food because the only place to buy food here in Gorbea burned down like a little over a year ago...but we did that and then came back to our little pueblo. We were waiting on the side of the street and it was raining reallyyy hard (I thought I escaped the cold but I was wrong) my companion slipped and fell sooooo hard. Like body slammed to the ground. She got up and was soaking obviously so we went to the house to change. We then had a lesson with some new people we found and after the lesson my companion couldn’t get up to walk. Haha dangit. So we were like what the heck happened? Oh yeah you fell and almost died. So the nurse of our mission told her to go to our house and rest. Side note... I LOVE MY COMPANION! She is so cool and soo0o funny. She is helping me with my accent so I don’t sound so greenga hahaha. She is so awesome. But we were in the house and her hip was killing her. I left and did exchanges with the two other Hermana’s in our house so that we could work a little in our area and in their area. I came back and my companion was still in so much pain. So finally at like 1030 at night she couldnt handle it anymore and a member here (the coolest member i have ever met) took us to the hospital. It turns out that my comp dislocated her hip!!! so bad. they put it back into place and gave her shots and pills and stuff. So the rest of the week she was on bed rest and I did exchanges with members and with the other Hermana’s. haha it was a little hard because I don’t know this area at all but obviously possible with the Lords help. 

Our branch is so tiny. The smallest chapel i have ever seen but I LOVE IT HERE SO MUCH!!! There are tons of awesome investigators that we have and I am so pumped.

My comp is feeling a little better and I am so excited to work together with her this week. 

Love you all!!


Hermana Kleinman

We had lunch yesterday in a recent converts backyard and his name is Renee (Renee here is a man’s name) and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and with the family (coolest fam).

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