Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 21 (October 26)


So this week I want to tell a few cool stories with people and with prayers. We had an intercambio and I stayed in our sector with Hermana Rodrigues from Ecuador. I was a little nervous for this lesson we had with this girl named Nikki Ashley. (yes I know the most American name ever but I swear that is her name...I her mom is straight mapuchi though) but she doesn’t believe in God. We started teaching her a little of the plan of salvation. I had a thought that I need to ask her when she stopped believing in God. So i did and then she told us that when she was 10 her best friend died of cancer. She couldn’t believe that God would let that happen. So we read some scriptures and talked to her about God and how he works. She prayed at the end (first prayer of her life) and it was quiet for like a good 2 minutes after. She looked at us and told us that she felt like she felt like God was with us while she was praying. WHAT. SO COOL!! As of now she believes in God! woohooo!

We also found this woman named Fresia and she has depression because her husband died 3 years ago. We taught her a little of the Plan of Salvation and at the end while my comp was praying the spirit was sooooo there and so strong. She opened her eyes (Fresia) and said that she felt something in her that was really hot and like peace. We explained to her it was the spirit. 

Just lots of cool things are happening here. We are doing this thing called 40 days of fasting in our mission and one of me and my comps goal is to only speak in Spanish and it’s helping a ton. Like milestones. I actually might have told you guys that last week...sorry my mind is being so weird switching to English right now. 

You guys sound awesome! Sorry I have to go climb this hill right now but love you all the whole world full and know that there is no place i would rather be!!


Hermana Kleinman

one of the other Hermanas investigators hooked us up with tennis last Monday! he owns this place and it was SO FUN!! mom thanks for teaching me some of your skills. my comp and I won obvious.

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