Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 13 (August 31)

This week was awesome. It was the first week of a new cambio and me and my comp Hermana Rich made a bunch of new goals that are going to help a ton.

One thing that we are going to start doing is study one Christ like attribute every week and apply it to our lives here on the mish. Last week we studied and worked on Faith in Jesus Christ. It really is awesome to see miracles happen and we always find awesome people when we have the faith.

I was reading a talk about change a few days ago and basically how change is the purpose and central blessing in this life. We were put on this earth to grow and change for the better. Changing for the better is progressing. First though, we need the faith to change and to progress. It is AWESOME to see people here change little by little and to watch their faith grow little by little. 

We couldn’t find a lot of our awesome investigators last week but we just kept praying and having the faith to find them and sure enough we found them!!!!!                
Ahhh I just love being here in Chile and I love talking to people about this gospel every day. 

Funny story for the week

So we were eating lunch at a members and they always give us fruit for dessert right. They decided to give us canned cherries and my comp decided to pull a prank on me. she told me when the mom went up to grab something in the kitchen that they swallow the cherry pits here and they think it is the rudest thing to see you spit them out. So I just kept all the cherry pits in my mouth for a good while. Dang it. One mouthful of cherry pits later....I was about to swallow and my comp yelled noooo!! I was joking!!


Love you Allllll!!

Keep having faith in every aspect of your lives.
And this week have hope.

Hermana Kleinman 

Oh yeah I realized this week I have been telling everyone here that I love their greasy hair instead of me loving their thick hair....dang it.                                                                                                                                                         

Cool experience with faith.

So I have a really hard time having confidence with my Spanish and that is obviously bad faith. So I decided to change my mindset this week. 

In one of our lessons I understood everything and somehow everything I said just came out right wahhooooo and I went on my first intercambio with a Latina and I understood everything...I think. But yeah I now have a way stronger testimony of confidence and faith. Goes hand in hand.

We saved a rotwriler from this canal

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