Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 10 (August 10)

This week was another great week! I don’t even know where to start. First I will answer your questions dad and Brent! so we are teaching three families right now and yes they are all married dad! Which is so awesome. they didn’t come to church though so technically they are not progressing but we have some good plans to get them to come this next week here.

We had a ton of awesome lessons this week but also a lot of our citas fell through. And it seemed like a ton of the people we contacted were less active. A ton a ton of them. So we told them all to come back to church obviously! And guess what. Even though none of our investigators showed up to church, every menos activo that we invited back to church came!!! How cool is that! Some of them cried because they were so happy to see some old friends and it was so so cool.

We had a thing called return and report this week so we had to travel to conce to the mission home. Basically we had to tell them how things were going with our trainers and how our progress is coming along. AH we got a jar of peanut butter. Haven’t had that in a while! 

Oh yeah on our way to conce our big bio bio bus got into a bad accident with the little micro bus. Slid in the rain whoops but we are fine! We survived a bus crash wahoooo!

What else happened this rained every day. It is so sunny when we go out so we don’t bring our umbrellas and then Chile just tricks us and pours. cmon Chile!

Thanks for all of the prayers. Congrats to Jessica!!! Tell her that from me okay? And fun in Oak Creek! I can’t wait to go back there. i love you all so so much! 

Love your fave hermana in Chile,

Hermana Kleinman

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