Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 9 (August 3)

Sooo this week was super awesome as always. I keep having to remind myself that I am in Chile. I will be walking and then all of the sudden think ¨whoa I am in Chile on a mission!  You guys sound like you are doing great! Mom you will be awesome at that new calling. I have complete faith in you :) also, congrats to Lola and Teddy! Send me pictures of the pups. One of the members here has a puppy and it is the cutest thing. I love hearing all the updates! I print out your emails every week!

Send me more pictures please!!

So victor isn’t in my sector and I don’t get to teach him but he is progressing! Heartbreaker with Carmen. A few of our appointments fell through and then we called Carmen and she told us to never come back. We were super bummed and so we decided to hit some houses and find someone awesome. My companion and I looked at each other and said yes that house. We knocked and the woman said come in! So we went in the gate to her door and she said come in! A family! Who is married!!! That never happens in Chile. They are a miracle family and we get to teach them again today. So the Lord has a plan in everything that is for sure. We found SO many great people this week. Our week didn’t go how we planned but it turned out better.

Another miracle married fam. We were working with a member girl who wants to go on a mission and all of our citas fell through. So we were in the street and we played the color game! Everyone said a color at once. I said red and gabby (the member) said blue. We looked over and the house was red and blue so we had to knock it obviously. The mom came out and was wearing a red sweater and invited us in. the dad was wearing a blue sweater! And the little boy was wearing a red and blue sweater, haha so cool right? In the middle of our lesson the boy’s eyes went all puffy because he had an allergic reaction (#Satan). But we are going back today! 
Another story. We traveled to Los Angles this week to the doctors and the doctor asked me why I was here. I started telling him how the gospel had blessed my life hahaha  dangit. It got super awkward and he was like no for the doctors. Good times. 

I decided that one of my biggest struggle here is the huge lunches. I have to say a prayer to myself every day that I will be able to finish the lunches. ahh. 

Dad for your questions the Spanish is coming along! I am understanding a lot more. It is just hard because they don’t speak Spanish here. Solo Chilean. But the gift of tongues is real.

My shoes are great. I wear the black ones a lot but usually just my rain boots because it rains every day.
James dyer is in my zone and actually sitting right behind me! haha he is cool! He is happy you found his blog.
I love you guys so much! I am blessed with the best family in the whole entire world. I pray for you all every day. Stay awesome 


Hermana Kleinman

PS i got my package THANK YOU AND THANKS FOR THE BARS!! i got everything safe!! i love you guys thank you so so so much! and that is a pic of my room

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