Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 14 (September 7)

Hey everyone. This week was just awesome. I feel like I say that every week but really this week was just great. First off, thanks family for the packages. You guys are the best!! and keep cheering hard for ASU football. 

So we got a new zone leader and our zone leaders are in our district with me and Hermana Rich and another pair of elders. Our district is awesome! Our zone leaders are also in our ward and our sector. This cambio, the zone leaders are stressing the importance of lessons with members. It is really hard here because everyone works all the time. BUT it is possible obviously. We also got challenged to stay in contact with our investigators with baptismal dates every single day. 

Remember Viviana and MariaIgnacia? Yeah, they are just golden. We found sneaky ways to chat with them every day that we didn’t have a set lesson with them and we brought members. IT CHANGED EVERYTHING! They committed to come to church and we were so stoked.

Sunday morning. The morning of Satan. It had been SO sunny the days before and Sunday morning it was raining bullets. Then, our city had a blackout. But guess what...Viviana and MariaIgnacia still came!!!!!!!! Yeah they are awesome. It was testimony meeting and all of the member’s testimonies were PERFECT! Viviana said that she felt so welcomed and that she just felt at home! We gotta keep working hard with them but i know that they will get baptized soon. 

Another guy named Luis. One day we felt like we should go down the Vega (its like the cardboard mall on drugs) and we were walking and we contacted this guy (Luis), had a lesson with him the next day and he accepted a fecha. YA! He was out of town and didn’t come to church but we have  a lesson with him tonight and I am just excited. 

I love you guys so much!! And I love being a missionary! Best slash coolest thing ever in the world.

Oh yeah I got bit by a dog but it didn’t puncture the skin so that’s okay

Fun fact: the BOM was translated into the Spanish language for Chilean investigators. Gooooo Chile!


Hermana Kleinman

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