Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 11 (August 17)


Lots happened this week. A ton of weird things but it was overall a super good week. The family sounds so awesome! Tell Courtney and Reed to send me more pictures of Everyly and Sadie. My tooth feels fine I haven’t gone to the dentist yet....but soon! Just no time!

Here are some of the answers to Brenties questions...

-my companion, Hermana Rich not Hermana Herrimin.....did you stalk her to find out where she lives? hahahha is awesome at Spanish and she has a cool way of making people feel instantly connected to her. I love it. People tell her that she sounds Chilean all the time. 
  • our district has 8 people in it but ill only be with them for another week because the Cambio is already over. I get to be with Hermana rich for another Cambio because she is my trainer and I get to be wither her for 12 weeks wooo!! My district and zone are awesome though.
  • people have gates on all of their houses so we yell alo! outside. 
  • when it rains yes we still tract haha I think it is super fun. If we have our umbrellas and we always find miracles in the rain
  • the lunches here are the only meal we eat basically so we leave at 11:30 to go work and have lunch from 1:30-3 and then work until 9:30
  • there are SO MANY LESS ACTIVES HERE it’s really sad but kind of crazy. I just found out that there are 950 people in our ward and only about 90 come every week. Actually 1 out of every 30 people in Chile are members. So we find one about every day at least.
  • we email at a small internet cyber

Okay so this week lots of miracles. We made the goal to challenge someone to baptism every day this week and we did it. Nobody accepted so it was kind of sad but on Sunday after our church we had a cita with this girl that we contacted name Viviana a few days before. She is gold. The lesson was so spiritual and she was crying. Her daughter is 11 and they just moved to Angol. She is divorced and was baptized into the Catholic Church but she said she didn’t feel like she got baptized because of her own will or her own choice and she said that if she got baptized again then she would want it to be for her own self to follow Christ. She then accepted a baptismal date along with her daughter and it was awesome! she seems straight gold so we will see what happens. Pray for Viviana and Mariaignacia.

We also have been showing this Mormon message video after our lunches with members and it is the one about the book of Mormon so look it up and watch it. So good. it’s the black guy who was a bishop and is living in London. After the members always give us a reference so woo!

I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting and I know it helped my confidence with Spanish a ton. So that was a blessing.

None of the people I live with are Chilean’s but from Argentina. Chilean Spanish is just super-fast and they drop all of their s. and they add po in between lots of words. But I am understanding more and more every day!
We went to Victoria this week to do an attkai super pretty. It is by a bunch of volcanoes and we found this milagro lady but she isn’t in our sector so I don’t know what will happen with her.
Love you guys so much!!!!


Hermana Kleinman

This dude was driving us home to our house and I asked him what this box was in front of his speedometer and he said sushi and then I asked him if he liked sushi and he didn't even answer me he just replied do you guys have time? and my comp said only a few minutes so he then took us on a sushi adventure and then he took us on a tour of some houses of nuns and then asked us to take a picture of him. The weirdest things happen everyday here THE weirdest. 

The Hermanas that I live with and Hermana Riiiich!!!!

Dogs and More Dogs

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