Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 4 (June 30, 2015)

HI! This week was probably my favorite and fastest week here yet! Not my favorite because it was my fastest haha but many other reasons that I will get to. So dad there is no gym here we get to leave the MTC every morning and we run to this park that is about a half mile away I would say. We usually play soccer with all of the elders and it is super fun. The people of Chile join in our games all of the time (little kids, teenagers, you name it). Or there is usually a game of basketball going on. Luke Worthington is here from BYU basketball so it is hilarious to see all of the tiny short Chileans play basketball with him. To answer more of your questions dad, we have Spanish classes mixed in with teaching classes every day and it is a different schedule most of the days which is nice but it is still repetitive. Learning lots though! The teachers here are unreal and so amazing. one of them (my personal favorite) Hermano Pino. The coolest guy! He plays about every instrument and can beat box like none other. His story is super cool because he had the choice to be on the national Chilean soccer team or serve a mission and he served a mission and has some pretty cool stories. He gives the best lessons and is just super smart in the gospel. I definitely look up to him! it is Copa America time and it is being held in Chile. it is like the world cup of south America and Chile won last night so they are going to the finals!! Presidente Doll is going to let us watch the game on Saturday how cool is that?¡ the fans are crazy and I think I told you guys that we see them outside of our window all of the time. It is so fun here. Every morning there are about 5 thousand bikers honestly and i have almost gotten hit by so many. Woops. Still alive though. Our presidents are so cool. Once every two weeks all of the elders get together and have a tie exchange and then the Hermana have a party and Hermana Doll makes us cake and ice-cream. This MTC is so personal I feel like. All the teachers are so attentive to your needs and it’s great. We have been kind of going crazy because who wouldn’t from sitting in a classroom allllll day? But life here is awesome.

Sister Marquez was here the other morning trying to find me mom and dad!!! How cool is that? I am going to email her and president says that she can come see me so that is super awesome.

I had some sweet spiritual experiences this week. Too many to type but mom I wrote you a letter about one of them that I think you will love. The temple this last week was SO awesome. Favorite session that I have ever done. They do it in Spanish here and then you listen to it in English with headphones. But this week since there are so many North Americans here now they did an all English session which was cool. We get to listen to devotionals on video every week and this week we watched the famous one by elder Holland about salvation isn’t cheap so we as missionaries need to give it our all. SO awesome and I love Elder Holland. What a powerful speaker!! But something cool that I do want to share with you guys is my talk experience. So you know how we have to write a Spanish talk every week right? Well this week it was on repentance. The first thought that came into my head was great. I am definitely speaking because I can’t even pronounce repentance in Spanish. well as I was writing my talk I kept having this feeling to share a certain story on repentance but I kept just brushing it off because I didn’t really want to and I didn’t know how to say most of the words so I was lazy and didn’t want to look them up basically. The morning of Sunday I had this strong feeling to write my experience in my talk and again I just brushed it off. As we were sitting in sacrament, a voice told me heather you are speaking and need to share your experience. So then right after sacrament was over they announced the speakers. Sure enough I was the last Hermana out of the 3 that were chosen to speak. I was so nervous because of my bad Spanish and the fact that I was feeling bad for not listening to the spirit to put my experience in. as I was sitting on the stand again I had the feeling to just trust in my Spanish and share the experience. So I got up to speak and said my talk and before I bore my testimony I started to share my experience and the words literally came to my mouth. I don’t even know how and I didn’t even write them down. It was soooooo cool. later that night this elder came up to me and gave me a note that basically said my experience in my talk that I shared helped him with what he is going through and he had been praying for the whole MTC for an answer to his struggles. This gospel is amazing and so unbelievably cool. I am glad that I was able to listen to the spirit finally and help someone out. I learned my lesson though that it is better to just listen the first time. I love being a missionary and I love you all!! Thanks for all you guys do for me and you are all in my prayers!!


Hermana Kleinman

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