Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 2 (June 16, 2015)

Chile is probably my new favorite place. so great because this is the only MTC in the world that lets you go out and explore on pdays. last week we got to spend a few hours in the city. the city is so cute and charming and it reminds me of Europe!! the bread here is out of this world. i´d compare it to France. we tried some empanadas from some random little place and that probably was a bad idea but they tasted yummy. dad you would be so proud of me knowing the foods that i am trying here! the people are super nice here and everyone says hi to you. our room if you look out the window you can see the tallest building in south america so thats pretty cool. it is sooooo cold here in the morning and it doesn't get light until 8 am so we get to sleep in a little later. props of Chileeee. we got to go to the temple last pday and it was beautiful! the celestial room looked just like the Gilbert temple to me but a small version so i felt a little piece of home. the temple was just what i needed. calmed all my stresses and this week has been unreal and so good. i was super stressed about the language the first week but i heard a quote that says ¨if you are going to put your faith in God then you need to put your faith in his timing¨´ i realllyyyy like that quote because i just realized that i will learn the language as long as i am doing all that i can do and i am mainly in the mtc to learn how to teach anyways. me and my companions are learning to teach super well together. it is kinda hard to teach in a trio but i think we rock it and we are learning sooooososososo much every day! it is cool because the fake investigators that we teach are actually real people that our teachers taught in the mission field so it makes it feel more real. this week FLEW by. so fast. my district is so much fun. we are all the best of the best friends and sometimes its a negative because we can´t focus but i think of it more of a blessing. i cant even begin to tell you guys how much i love it here!! sundays here are my favorite day for sure. my spiritual bucket gets filled so much and carries throughout the week. we each have to prepare a short talk in Spanish every week and then during sacrament Presidente doll announces random people to give their talks. haha kinda scary but i came off free this week. i feel like i have learned more in these two weeks than most of my life. copa america (the soccer tournament) is going on right now here in Santiago so every night you can here everyone getting ready and crazy for the game while we are studying in our classroom haha. oh my gosh the fruit here is either so gross or SOOOO good. i live off of it. i feel like i am living the life. we get out laundry done for us and we come home to cookies a lot of the nights from our Presidents wife.we had to say bye to a few districts last night but more are coming tomorrow. it is weird to be the not newbies anymore!! i did feel like the people who had been here for just a few weeeks more than me were so much older but now we are going to be the older ones. seriously i love being a missionary though. every day when i wake up and get to put my tag on it is so great. i can feel all of your prayers so thank you!! i love you all. keep being awesome and go to the temple! 

Companions (Hermana Jacobson and Hermana Freedman) And Classroom

Enjoying PDay in Santiago Chile with Companions

Riding in a Cab with Hermana Freedman

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